TEKKEN7FR basic tutorial: Choice of Combos

Basic tutorial:Choices of Combos

One of the enjoy point in TEKKEN

is “Aerial Combos”.

I will tell you how you

choose your combo

depending on the situation.

If you understand the

“Choices of Combo”,

you will surely win more.

If you prefer movie,

I have made one already.

If you prefer article, please read below.


For sure, if you read both,

you can understand better.

High damaged combo is not always best

Usually, high damage combo

should be a good combo.

In other games,

like Street Fighter

or King of Fighters,

it will be true.


But it is not true in TEKKEN.

For example, let’s say you have

60 damage combo


55 damage combo.


It is not always appropriate

to choose the 60 one every time.


You have to choose combo

judging from these factors.


[damage][difficulty][wall carry][Okizeme]


Let’s say the you have 60 vital

to win for the round.


In this case you should

choose 60 combo

instead of 55,

even though it is difficult.


If you choose 55 combo,

you have 5 vital to win.


I have many experiences

losing from 5 vital.

The opponent will have chance for Ragearts.

However, if your vital

is also small, you need to think carefully.


I mean, you may lose

if you fail your difficult combo.


In any cases, “Damage”is

a big factor for choosing combos.


If you have big damage combo

but 10% of success rate,

you rather have to choose

90% combo with less damage.


In any cases, you need to know

how much rate can you do the combos.


For my point of view,

I choose combos by

“Simplicity” as well.


Because I use many characters,

I choose more simple combos.


For example, after the launcher,

I know f+3,f+2 has more damage than

d/f+1,d/f+1 in Kazumi combo(see above).

But for me, Kazumi is sub,

so I don’t think it is so

important to “remember” complex combos.

Wall Carry

It is how far you can “carry”

the body to the wall.

But remember,

if the wall is close,

it would be better to know

Carry far

Carry close



For instance,

for Kazuya

d/f+1,f+2 is carry far,

d/f+1,4 is carry close



Let’s say, the previous55

combos is “Okizeme priority” combo.

And this case, you can get

additional damage with Okizeme.


If you think you can’t finish them

with the combo,

it is a good idea to choose

Okizeme priority combo.

And get more damage.


For example, I will show you

Devil Jin’s combo.


After b,f+2,1,4

I have Okizeme situation.



-It is little risk, and it always hit

except ground position.



-It will hit for the ground position.


Devil Sweep(f,d,d/f+4)

-It is risky, but you can go

to another combo.


For sure, I have more Okizeme choices,

but I will show you

how I do Okizeme with Gif images.

The opponent is the same player.


This is d+4.

I do this a lot.

And by doing this,

opponents will expect that

this Okizeme will come next.

And this is Devil Sweep.

It is very risky,

but the purpose is message.

“This is one of my Okizeme choices.”

And another Mid attack Okizeme,

because I had shown him many

Low Attacks.


Even if it was blocked,

I am still in the Frame Advantage.

Be careful that Okizeme

always have risk.


And to decrease the risk,

you should have many options

and try not to get predicted.

Timing and factors for judgement

When do you judge the combos?

It is

While you hit the launcher and

do the first and second moves.

And for the factors,

Your and their vital

You can choose,

“difficult but high damage”

“easy but stable damage”


“Okizeme priority”

depending on your/their vital.


Distance to the wall

You can choose “carry priority”

if you think your combo

will reach the wall.


And how do you see the distance?

You need to see

the background of the stage

and see where you are in the stage.


See Gif image below.

For example,

I chose “carry the most”combo

in this situation,judging from the background,

and the launcher was done

in the middle of the stage.

*for whole movie, see

Heihachi Vol.4


For sure you need to play a lot

to judge from the background.

I sometimes mistake the distance,

when the new stage come out,

or when the angle is not normal.  



When I play TEKKEN online in Arcade,

I sometimes see

the player next to me.

They sometimes do combos

which are not the best.


Please always check

whether you pick the best combo

in the situation.


And please enjoy

your combo life in TEKKEN.


That is one of the

TEKKEN enjoy-point for all of us.