TEKKEN basic tutorial:Delay strike

TEKKEN basic tutorial:Delay strike

I would like to show you

one technique,which I call

“Delay Strike”.

It is very useful in matches.

Please try it.

1. What is “Delay Strike”?

My definition of

“Delay Strike” is

“To wait for a moment

and attack them.”


Let’s say you blocked something.

For example, you block

Bryan’s Flying Heel(u/f+4).


If you do 1,2 or d/f+1,

for sure they will be blocked.

And if you do Low kick or throws,

there are risk that Bryan will crouch.


In that case,

you can wait for a moment.

The opponent might think like,

“Is he not coming?”

“Maybe a Low attack will come?”


And he might try to reactor crouch.

Then it is a good chance to do Mid attack.

If the opponent reacts,

then counter hit.

If the opponent crouches,

then normal hit. See below.

After I blocked Bryan’s 1,4,

I didn’t strike back soon.

I waited and move around and strike back.

You can see Bryan’s was reacting.

*For the whole movie - Bob Vol.3

Same here.Wait for a moment and strike back.

This is the Delay Strike.

And some players do Follow-up moves,

after they have miss shot.

You can also wait for them.

*For the whole movie Nina Vol.1

2.What move is good for “Delay Strike”?

I would like to show you

what moves are used

for”Delay Strike”.

1.Mid attack without punishment

2.Launcher for crouch position

3.Big damage when countered

4.Not slow move


First, they should be without punishment.

Because you do it very often.

And hopefully it can be a combo launcher

for both countered and normal hit.

And if the move is too slow,

they can hit you back first.


The move with all conditions is

Asuka’s 1+2.

*For whole movie, see Asuka Vol.2


And also Paul’s Smasher

is useful when the opponent

who doesn’t have punishment.

See above.

There is an unusual moment.

That is why Josie try to react against.


Bryan’s Chopping Elbow

is good for Delay Strike.

It is Frame Advantage on block,

so you can do it again and again,

until they try to move.


Wait for a moment,and attack them.

This technique is very useful.

It is easy and not risky.