TEKKEN7 basic tutorial:Hit Confirmation

basic tutorial:Hit Confirmation

If you can’t promote yourself

to Warrior or Vanquisher(12 or 16),

or sometimes you demote

for like 3 or 4 ranks,

please remind one thing.

It is Hit Confirmation.

What is “Hit Confirmation”?

“Hit Confirmation”

is not a difficult concept.

It is

“To confirm whether

your move hit or blocked”

But I am sure many players

don’t do this “Hit Confirmation.”

Especially when I match with

from 12 to 15 dan players,

sometimes I find them forget this

“Hit Confirmation”.

Small moves hit must be confirmed

It is not difficult to

confirm big moves

whether they hit or blocked.

For example,

when you use Bryan,

Chopping Elbow(b+1)

is easy to check.

But for sure it is always forgetable

to check small moves.


For example,

do you all confirm

Crouching Punch(d+1),

every time you do?


Crouching Punch(d+1)

and 4 while rising,

is very useful combination.


It is often used in most characters

and by many players.


However, do you always check

the Crouching Punch

whether it is hit or blocked?


It is very dangerous to do same moves

whichever it is hit or blocked.

See above.

You can see Bryan is trying to keep moving,

but you can see that 

I blocked the previous d/f+2.

The whole video is Josie Vol.1

I know all of us have some move patterns,

like A, B and C.

But it is important

to stop the next moves

if they block the previous one.


Especially small moves,

like 1 or 2,

or d/f+1,

you need to do “Hit Confirmation”.

Basic idea is to keep going when hit, stop when blocked

Why “Hit Confirmation” is important?

The basic idea is

to keep going when hit,

and stop moving when blocked. 

It is risky to do the same actions

in both situations.


For sure, sometimes you need to move

even if you are in frame disadvantage.

But in that case,you also need to confirm

whether it is hit or blocked.

You can see Eliza keeps moving even though

I blocked her 4 while rising.

For sure it is important to break basic sometimes,

however it is always right to follow the basic.


If you feel you can win,

or if you feel there is something

wrong with you.

Try to look back your match

and do “Hit Confirmation” carefully.


Especially the small moves.

The basic concept is 

“to keep moving when hit

(or wait for their panic moves),

and to stop moving when blocked.


And sometimes you break the basic.”