TEKKEN7 FR Asuka tutorial-Practice Part1

Asuka tutorial-Practice Part1

Doctor’s max rank of Asuka in TEKKEN7

-18 dan(Savior)

In this practice part1,

I would like to share with you

how to “Panic Moves”

with Asuka.

1. How to make them move

As you know,

Asuka has many

panic moves.


But you can’t hit them

just for doing it



You need to

make them move first.


1-1. types of “Panic moves”


In my theory,

I divide Asuka Panic moves

into three categories.


Small pattern

– 2 during side step

– parry


Middle pattern

– 4

– parry


Low pattern

– d+3+4

– b+3


Small means,

against small moves,

such as 1 or d/f+1.


Middle means

middle moves.


And Low means,

against low attacks.


So you need to

make sure

what the opponents

are going to do

when they move.


I will explain more below.


1-2. Small moves

When I say “small moves”,

they refer to,

1 or 1,2 or



They are little damage

but very quick moves.


Please try to think,

“When do people

do small moves?”


I would say,

“When they block

something has no

block punishment.”



See above. 2 during side step

has no punishment.

But Shaheen couldn’t stop

but do small moves.


In other cases,


Falling Tower(d/f+1,2)

Rising Palm(d/f+2)


These are the moves

that they will move.


So what you need to

do is to make them

block these moves,

and do Panic moves.


And do “Small Pattern”

that I showed you above.


1-3. Middle/Low attacks

As for Middle/Low Pattern,

you can do Panic Moves,

when they try to do

“Mix up” to you.


For example,

Inner Strength(1+2)
Thunder Fall Kick(3+4)
Double Lift Kicks(d+3+4)
These moves have no
block punishment.
And for sure they know it.
So they might come closer
and make pressure on you.
Or they do Mix up.


See above.

I did b+3, because I felt

Paul will do Low attack.

(actually he did)


Not like small moves

in 1-2 above.


They will do

Middle/Low attacks

because they know

“That move has no punish.”


Especially, both moves

for Low Patterns,

they can be combo launcher.

You can get combo

when you think they

will do Low or throw.


I see some Asuka players

who do b+3 only.


It is effective only for Low attack.


You need to expect

what they will do

soon after they block

your moves.


And you need to

do the proper

“Panic Moves”.


For sure, you’re

fighting with

a human.


They will change

what they do

in matches.


You need to

“read their minds”.


That is how

Asuka wins against them.