TEKKEN7 FR Asuka tutorial-Theory

Asuka tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Asuka in TEKKEN7

-18 dan(Savior)


Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:5

Panic Moves:5

Block Punishment:3

Attack Strings:3


Intercept attack: 4

Dragon Wheel kick(b+3)

is very good for Interceptor.


Asuka get back a little,

which makes them hard

to get good Whiff Punish.


And Iwato(u/f+3) is also good.

Can go combo when CH,

and it is also hard to

get Whiff Punish,

because it is very quick.


I use Right Upper Cut(d/f+2)




Not so bad, not so good.


Sacred Blade(3~4) is a

combo launcher.

But it has risk,

for sometimes it’s seeable.


Sashiro(d+1+2) is useful

only when you face the wall.

It is unseeable.


I use it only facing the wall.


Asuka is good at mid attacks.

Inner Strength(1+2) doesn’t

have Block Punish,

and it is a combo launcher

for normal hit.


And Burning Lantern(f,f+1)

is Flame Advantage on Block.


Whiff Punish:5

Demon Slayer(f+2)

is a perfect move

for Whiff Punishment.

Easy command,

mid attack, range is good.

Whenever you see

the enemy’s Whiff,

don’t miss them.


I will talk about it

more down below.


Panic Moves:5

Asuka has many good ones.

-Dragon Wheel kick(b+3)

-Mist Palm Thurst(During SS+2)

-Double Lift Kicks(d+3+4)



And also CH moves are good.


-High kick(4)

-Faling Tower(d/f+1,2)

-Heart Stopper(b+4)


So, whenever you

want to change the flow,

do Panic moves.

And whenever you

see them coming or moving,

you do CH moves.


Block Punishment:3

Not good, not bad.

I would say that,

Mizu Basho(2,3)

has long reach

and useful for some

Block Punishment.


Attack Strings:3

Whiplash Combo(1 or f+1)

could be useful.

But not so useful.


Asuka is a character

who waits for their

Panic moves or Whiff attack.

And whenever they come,

you can do your Panic moves.



1.Demon Slayer anytime

As written above,

Demon Slayer is

very useful for Whiff Punish.


Whenever they miss something,

you need to get good damage

with Demon Slayer.


Since it’s command is easy,

you can just wait for

Whiff Punish.


Whiff Punish for their Interceptors.


It is a good idea to

make yourself coming

to the enemy.


It can be done

even during Side Walk.


It is also useful to

know that when you

match with Asuka,

they are waiting

for your miss shot.


Be careful.



Asuka has very good Interceptors.

If you do these moves,

at the moment they get closer,

they feel hard to

get closer to you.


And these moves

have no Block Punishment.

So you can do Panic moves

when they Block them.


3.Best move for Delay Strike

Personally thinking,

Inner Strength(1+2)

is the best move

for Delay Strike.


Combo launcher when NH

Mid attack

No Block Punishment


See above. They will move or

crouch, when there is a strange moment.



For using Asuka,

you don’t need to

remember so many things.


It is a good idea

to use Asuka as sub.


Why don’t you start Asuka?