TEKKEN7 FR Bob tutorial-Theory

TEKKEN7 FR Bob tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Bob in TEKKEN7




Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack:2


Whiff attack:5

Panic Moves:3

Punishment attack:3

Attack Strings:4

Intercept attack:4

Not so good.

Bob has Right Upper

and High-kick,

but they can be

combo launchers

only when counter hit.



Runner Flip(d/f+3+4,4)

is useful.

It is mid attack without Block Punishment,

and it is a combo launcher

in normal hit.

Langouste Tail(b,b+4)

is also a mid attack

without punishment

and a combo launcher.


And for the low attacks,

Seppia Swing(f,d,d/f+4,1+2) .

It is not a combo launcher,

but I think it is enough for Bob.

Whiff attack:5

Bob has many good Whiff attacks.

Abats Snipe(d/b+1+2)

is a combo launcher.

Its command is easy.

It has risk for punishment,

so try not to use it

when you are not sure.

Cracker Jacker(u/f+1+2, 1+2)

has a long range.

Although it has risk

in the second hit,

you can stop at first,

or you can input 4(high attack with no punish). 


See above. When you do it, backstep first.

See above. Try to see whether they move or not.

And from crouching,

Spinach Upper(2,1 during rising)

is also useful.

Like Cracker Jacker,

you can stop at the first attack

when you are not sure.

Panic Moves:3

High kick(4)

is a combo launcher in CH.

And Bynhme Strike(1+2 while sidestep).

Hot Croos Bun(b,f+1).

They are not bad,

but Bob is not very good at evasions,

so I scored 3 out of 5.

Punishment attack:3

It is between 3 and 4.

Bob has no combo launcher for

15 frames punish.


But for 12 frames punish,

Circle Whopper(f+2,3) is useful.


Attack Strings:4

For sure Bob has many

good combinations.

I will tell you below.


1.Get the chance for the Whiff Attack

Bob needs to create the

moments for Whiff Attacks.

See this link which I wrote for Whiff Attack.

TEKKEN basic tutorial: Whiff attack


And Bob is not very handy with “Mixup”,

so try to get damage by Whiff Attack.




Whenever you crouch the 1,2, get big damage!   



2. Small punches available

Bob has many good punch combinations.

And sometimes

you can stop during

the combinations,

or you can finish them.

1,1,2 or 1,4(for punishment)

1,d+4 (jab and low kick)

2,1,4 (combination)





I remember

once a famous Japanese

TEKKEN player was using

Bob at TEKKEN6.


It was his first time

using Bob on that day.


The player was using,

1, and 1,d+4, and 2,

and b+2,2 only.


And when the opponents

got upset and tried to hit back,

the player did Right Uppercut.


I was very amazed that

he could read the opponents mind.


For sure the opponents were very strong,

but the player was even more.

That is why, whenever I use Bob,

I try to mixup with small punches.


For sure I am not as good as the famous player.

3.Only two low attacks are enough

Cutting Coppa(f,d,d/f+4,1+2)

is very risky but I think they can”t crouch so often,

because Bob has good Mid attacks.


I sometimes do it twice in a row.

And for the last Low to finish,

or whenever you can”t take the risk,

Liaison Spike(d/b+3) is useful.

I don”t personally use Huile Slip(d/b+3+4,4),

because it is risky but little damage.

But I know

some Bob players use it

in matches.


It is a matter of taste.


Bob is a well balanced character.

Maybe it is easy to use him as a sub.


Why don’t you start Bob?