TEKKEN7 FR-Dragunov Practice Part2[Attack Strings]

Dragunov tutorial-Practice Part2

Doctor’s max rank of Dragunov in TEKKEN7

20 dan(Genbu)

In this page,I would like to share

with you some of my tips.

Based on theory.

This page is “Part2”.

For Part1, check here.

Dragunov Practice Part1

2. Master “Attack Strings”

As already mentioned in Theory part,

one of the good strong points is

various of Attack Strings.


I will show you one by one.

I won’t show you all of them,

just the ones I use often.

The names of the move

are not written, only commands.


2-1. 1,3 and…

1,3 is continuous hit.

After that,1, is a high attack punch.


For those who think

1,3 is the end,

the next 1 will hit.

And for the Mid attack,

you have 2.

But I personally don’t do this

because it has punishment.

And for sure I don’t use

the next 1+2 for throw,

because I don’t see

any merits for it.


2-2. 1,2,1

All hit only when countered.

I sometimes do this

to stop the opponents attacks.

You can get wall stun when

you hit this in a wall situation.

First, make them block some moves

which have no punishment.

For example, 1,3,1 or u/f+4.

Then you can do 1,2,1.

But you need to confirm

if it is countered or not.

See above. It is useful to stop them

and get wall stun.


2-3. 1,1,3


It is not a continuous hit

even when countered.

But some players try to move

after blocking two punches.


The third kick has no Block Punishment,

so you can do this in a wall situation.


Sometimes, they try to move 

after two punches.


2-4. 2,1,3 or 2,1,4

For 2,1,3,

it is High-High-High,

and for 2,1,4,

it is High-High-Low.

Either way, they can just crouch,

but I think they would think like,

“I”m sure the third one won’t come.

“So, I sometimes do 4,

so that they would wait for it.

But basically,

you stop it at the second shot.


2-5. d/f+1,4


Although it is continuous hit when countered,

it is almost impossible to confirm CH.

So try not to do the second one every time.

They will crouch and

you will get a big punishment.


2-6. b+2,1,3


I personally do this.

The two punches are continuous hit

even in normal hit.

And when you get hit these two punches,

you will get +6 Frame Advantage.

Therefore you can do

the same moves again when hit.


I know the second punch is High,

but I rarely got crouched for this.

And if you stop at the first one,

Dragunov is in crouching position,

so that the options

after b+2 are

2-6-1: 4 during rising(Mid)

2-6-2: d+3 during crouching(Low)

2-6-3: Assault(f,f,f+2) 


And I sometimes do

the third Low Kick for surprise attack.

Trust me, it will hit sometimes,

because they expect that

the third low kick won’t come.


2-7. d/b+1,2,1


The third punch has

Block Punishment(-14).

Be careful not to do often,

because some characters have

combo launcher as punishment.


The first one is a little good for step side.

And when you hit the third one,

you can get combo.


I know some players use this as wall combo.


2-8. 3,1,2


The second one is High,

and the third one has punish.

So not many players use this.

But the first one is

a little effective in lower position,

so I use it against Xiao or Eddy.


2-9. b+4,2,1 & b+4,3

b+4,2,1 is Mid-Mid-High

The last high is Frame Advantage on block.

So if they don’t know that

it can be crouched,

you can do 4,3 to get counter hit.

And d+3+4 as additional damage.

b+4,3 is Mid-High

Some players use this in

when facing the wall to get wall stun.

Try to mix with b+4,2

for not let them crouch the second one.


2-10. b+1,2


It is continuous hit,

but the second punch has punish.

I don’t use this move,

unless I match with Steve or Nina,

those who will keep attacking.

In that case, I stop at the first one.


It is important to understand

each Attack Strings.

But what is more important

is that you should mix your Attack Strings,

like stop or not stop.

To make them confused,

you can wait for Whiff Punish,

or you can do Assault and Razer

as I mentioned in Part1.

I put on one of my online videos.

I like Dragunov, because I can enjoy customize.