TEKKEN7 FR Eddy tutorial-Practice Part1

TEKKEN7 FR Eddy tutorial-Practice Part1

In this Practice Part,

I would like to share some ideas to

win in Battles, based on Theory.

1. Try to master Interceptor and Whiff Strike

Elbow Upper(d/f+2) and Roundhouse(u/f+4)

are both useful.

And for the Whiff strike,


and Martelo(3 while rising),

can be a big launcher.

You need to focus on these

moves first.


What is important is Backstep

Eddy is not good at side step,

but he is good at back step.

Try to take distance and

make them pay with

Whiff Punishment.



See above. Like this,

back step and Whiff Punishment.

2.Master Capoeira

Please try to do these moves in

practice mode.

(only commands written)



-b+1,4,B(HSP), then 2,4

-4 while side step, B(HSP), then f+3+4

-f+1+2(HSP), then 3+4


I use all of these in matches.

And you can mix them like,

-b+1,4,B(HSP), then 3+4

You can make your own Capoeira.


And if you do 2,4,B in HSP,

you can keep staying HSP.



Twist Sweep(d+3)

and Scoot Kick(b+3)

make you RP.

Even rank like Destroyer,

some players don’t know

what is going on.


I often do these Capoeira during matches.

Please watch these videos of mine.



3. Relaxed Position

I see some people try to do,


Ipanema Wings(4~3)

as soon as they are RP.

But they are risky.

If you become a high rank Eddy player,

you need to use small moves as,



3-1. Mid kick(4)

I use this most of the time.

It is the best choice in RP.

And it will not get punishment, except a few.

See above. It is Homing, and 

can be a launcher when hit in the air.


3-2. Au Batido(2,4)

After, 2 from RP, you can have many moves.

-2,4,B(stays RP)

-2,4,3,3+4(for players who try to move)


The opponents will stop you by 1,

after blocking 2(before4).

But you can get big damage

by 2,3.

See above. Miguel tries to stop me by

1 after Au Batido(2,4).

And I changed my move into

Flare combo(2,3)



3-3. Meia-lua(1,3)

It is Low-Mid attack.

Small risk, but you can get

a good damage.



It is my opinion, but I think this

spring kick is very handy.


See above. I have made a counter tutorial for Eddy.

It is also useful for those who are using Eddy.

4.Timing for throw

Rodeo Spin(half circle forward)


is very useful, with big damage.

I will show you when you do this throw.


-After 2 from RP

As I told you that after 2 from RP,

you can do many things.

That means they will stop to wait

what you’re going to do.


-After hitting 1,2 or d/f+1,2

They will stop after these.

Because you have shown them

Elbow Upper(d/f+2) so you can get

counter hit, right?



-After Godeme to Calcanheira(b+2,4)

The second kick is high,

so stop at the first punch

and make them stop.


-After Gat(b+1,4,3)

They will wait for the

forth kick. You can throw them.


5.Other Tactics


Another good move is


You can get a combo only when

the second kick was hit.

I personally think this move

is little risky.


See above. Like this.


And also Wheel Kicks(3+4 while sidestep)

is also useful for an interceptor.

With a little risk, it can be a launcher.


You can create your own Eddy.

It is fun to make them confused

and strike them with Mirage(d/f+3+4).

Please watch my videos and

create your own Capoeira!