TEKKEN7 FR Feng tutorial-Combo

Feng tutorial-Combo

Doctor’s(My) max rank of Feng in TEKKEN7



In this part, I will show you

Feng’s combos or Okizeme.


I am showing you my combos.

I don’t usually pick difficult combos.

So if you think like,

“I want to use this character.”

“What combo can I do?”

This site is just enough.

For the command terms,see here.

Commonly Used Abbreviations and Terms

Aerial Combos



3 during rising

4 during side step


A: – f+1+2(S) – f+3,4 – 1 – f+3,4

B: – d/f+1 – d/b+1,4(S) – f+3,4 – b+1+2


This gif is combo B.

When A is hard to do,

choose B.

But it is a little difficult to do

f+3,4 after d/b+1,4.


You need to step f,f

and do it.

I personally do like

f,f – b,f+3,4

And for the Combo B,

I sometimes prefer Okizeme

rather than the last b+1+2.



d+3 during back towards

d/f+1 – d/b+1,4(S) – f+3,4



-2 – d/f+1 – d/b+1,4(S) – f+3,4


*for the first 2,

you will miss with 1 or d/f+1.


half circle forward+1(CH)

-1+4 – d/b+1,4(S) – f+3,4 – b+1+2

Additional Damage


b+3+4 – 2

– step forward and b+1+2



half circle forward+1+2(CH)



*After d+2, you need to step side,

like U, and cancel your crouch first.

See that I steps a little before d+3+4.





Wall Combo

Wall stun/Wall combo-1,4 – b+3+4


After f+3,4 in combos

1:Get closer and back towards(b+3~4)



(1-3)3 during rising



Input d/b and tap 3 during rising.

See above. Like this.


2:Get closer and side step


(2-2)4 during Side step

You need to get close enough

to go combo with d/f+3.


3:For ground position4~3


Feng’s combos are not hard.

But you need to practice a little

f+3,4 after step forward.


Okizeme after f+3,4 is very useful.

Feng has good options for mix up

For your better understanding,

I will show you my online match battles.