TEKKEN7 FR Feng tutorial-Theory

TEKKEN7 FR Feng tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Feng in TEKKEN7

-Seiryu(22 dan)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punishment:4

Panic Moves:5

Block Punishment:4

Attack Strings:1


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Intercept attack: 4

The best choice is



After the move,

Feng step back with

showing his back towards.


Since he steps back a little,

it is difficult to attack him

from his back.

In addition, Feng has many

moves during back towards.

It is risky for the player.


Sweep Kikc(d/b+4)

is also one of the choices.

It is risky though.


I personally do,

Climbing Dragon(f+3,4)

for interceptor.

I usually stop at the first kick,

and if the player is moving,

I will tap 4 at that time.

Sometimes I fail it,

I mean I tap 4,

but I figure that the player

is blocking my kick.




Feng’s mix up is very nice.

During side step,

Lift kick(d/f+3)

Sweep kick(4)

are very difficult to see.

They are both combo launchers.


Make sure you get close to

the opponent to get combos.


And also mix up from

back position is good.


Reverse Sweep Kick(d+3 while back)

Bow kick(while rising 3)

-If you want to do Bow kick

from back towards,

try to input d/b,

and you can cancel back towards.


And also Lingering Shadow(half circle forward)

is a good step.


Yan Wang’s Wrath(half circle forward+1+2)

Land slide(half circle forward+1)


For the Warth,

you can stamp when countered,

and for the Landslide,

you can go combo when countered.


Whiff Punishment:4

Climbing Dragon(f+3,4)

and Iron Fortress(b+1+2)

are the good Whiff attacks.



 Panic Moves:5

Feng and Asuka have

many good Panic Moves.

I believe their scores are both 5.


As for Feng’s evasions,

Iron Palm(b+1)

Falcon’s Beak(b,f+1)

Evading Palm Strike(u/f+2)

Deceptive Step(b+3+4)

Spear of Lu Bu(d/b+1,2)

Spinning Neck Strike(d/b+1,4)

Parries(b+1+3 or b+2+4)


Feng’s advantage is these evasions.

The opponents will be cautious

with these evasions.


As for the

Deceptive Step(b+3+4),

you can judge whether

they are coming and

hit them. It is very useful.


See above. Step back and

watch if they are coming.


And when you are standing

in front of the wall,

b+1 is useful to evade.


Block Punishment:4

Iron Fortress(b+1+2) is very useful.

If you check frame site,

may be you can find

many punish with this move.


Especially, you will find Miguel and Raven

has many risks against Feng.

It is very important to know these

punishments in battles.


Attack Strings:1

Feng’s moves

are easy to judge, because

they are always solo.


I guess this is Feng’s

weak point.


1. Offense evasions and defense evasions.


Since Feng’s Panic Moves are useful,

you should understand the concept of

evasions in “offense” and “defense”.


As for offense evasions,

it is  Panic moves

while you are attacking.


For example,

let’s say you attack them

with d+4, which is a small low kick.

And then you move “b+1” or “u/f+2”.


See above. This is one of the “offense evasions”.


For other cases, you hit them with

1,3 or b+4,

then you move b+3+4, and

watch if they are moving.

So that they will be careful

for moving or attacking back.


Like the gif animation above,

if you keep doing b+1 after

d+4, they will have to choose

-to crouch the b+1

-to attack instantly


If they try to crouch,

you can do mid moves like “d/f+3”.

And if they try to move,

you can finish the move itself,



So this is how you can create

your own strategies with Feng.

You can choose to evade,

or you can choose to attack.


And in terms of “defense evasions”,

you can just evade when you are

in disadvantageous situation.

By keep evading, they have to

stop and think “Is he going to evade again?”.


And then it is your turn.


As told already, Feng has many

evasions, so that the opponent

will have to think which evasion

will come next.

This is how you can stop the opponent

from coming closer.


2. Get closer to the opponent

As I explained above,

if you keep doing “Panic Moves”,

they will be careful and don’t come closer.


At that time, it is your chance to get closer.


Here are the moves that I use to get closer.

Yan Wang’s Wrath(half circle forward+1+2)

Land slide(half circle forward+1)

Piercing Arrow(d/b+3)




And while you get closer,

watch the other players moves.

And if you have chance,

hit your Whiff attacks.


See above. You get closer and watch carefully.


3. Don’t hesitate for Mid or Low

If you can watch my small video below,

you can find that I get closer when

I think the other player is being careful.

And then I go and do Back Turn

and do mids, lows, or throws.


See above. Don’t hesitate.

Take the risk because it is unseeable.


And after you finish your combo

with f+3,4,

it is a good change to go Okizeme.

As I wrote above,

Feng has some good Mid and Low attacks

during showing his back,

or during side step.


I personally hate Feng players

do mix up all the time.


When you say, “Panic Moves”,

it sometimes sounds like

you are a beginner.


But by showing many Panic Moves,

the opponents will have to stop and

wait for them.


Make them stop, and it is your turn.

I will talk about details in Practice page.