TEKKEN7 FR Gigas tutorial-Theory

Gigas tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Gigas in TEKKEN7

-21 dan(Byakko)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 3


Whiff Punish:4

Panic Moves:2

Block Punishment:5

Attack Strings:3


Intercept attack: 3

Every combo launcher

has Block Punishment,

such as,


Fracturing Upper(b+1)

so they are not good moves

to intercept.


Unchained Upper(f,f+2)

could be an interceptor,

but the damage is low.

And for some characters,

they have Block Punish

for it.


I know some players

do f+2, to get CH.

Some players try to

do Whiff Punish for it,

so you can do f+2, f+2.


You can choose,

either single or double shot

depending on how your

opponents react against.



Goliath stance is good.

And also Mix-up

from Crouch position

Goliath Lift(3)

Brush Cutter(d/f+2)

are useful.

(Notice after season2,

Goliath Lift got weaker)


I will talk about it

in Practice Part.


Whiff Punish:4


is good for Whiff Punish.

Good range, and launcher.


Panic Moves:2

Not good.

Quick Head-But(f+1+2)

can be a big damage when CH.

But it is high, not very quick.


Left punch or sitting punch

will be available only.


Block Punishment:5


Iron Breaker(1,2)

is very useful.

It has good range,

and very quick.

Wall stun when facing the wall.

Sometimes it reach Paul’s Smasher.



is also quick enough

for some punishment.


I think Gigas is

very good at

Block Punishment.


Attack Strings:3

Gigas doesn’t have

so many Attack Strings.

But most of them are

very useful and

easy to use.


Double Hook Reactor(d/f+2,1)

Vice Grip(d/f+3,,,,)

Nail Gun(d/f+4,1+2)

are very good.


1.Quick and Long range moves

One of the good points

in Gigas is that

he has long range.






are just enough to

make opponents stop.


And if you mix up





with them,

I am sure

no one will be

able to win against you.


I will talk about

this more in

Practice part.


2.Whiff Punish for their panic

If you keep doing

small moves written in section1,

their will do some Panic moves

trying to stop you.


And you can just

step back a little

and wait for your chance.



Many players do some moves

being afraid of your coming closer.


Wait for it,

and get your Whiff Punishment.


3.Very strong special throw

Gigas has a very strong throw

called Overkill.

The command is complicated,



Even red rankers(from Genbu to Suzaku)

can’t perfectly break it.

They miss sometimes.


You may think

it is very easy to break

with 1+2,

because Gigas doesn’t

have any other

special throws.


But I know they

can’t be 100%

perfect to break this.


The good points

in this throw are,

Big damage

Additional damage when hit wall

Difficult to break

It catches body in the air


I would say, this throw

is better than King’s GS.


The command is complicated,

but please practice it.

And also you can do it

with Buffering technique.


See above. I do this throw

after some moves,

using Buffering input.


I will talk about

this more in

Practice part.


4.No need for Goliath

I don’t think

you need to do Gliath

so often.


For sure, it is good

for Mix-up,

but some characters

have parry.

And I know you have

some tactics for



But still, Gigas

is strong without




Rage Drive

for Goliath

is useful, I think.




Simple he is,

Gigas has many

good moves.


His defensiveness

is not good enough,

but you can defeat

them with Gigas power.



Please also check

Practice Part.

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