TEKKEN7 FR Heihachi tutorial-Practice1(Middle moves)

Heihachi tutorial-Practice1(Middle moves)

Doctor’s max rank of Heihachi in TEKKEN7

-20 dan(Genbu)


In this page,I would like to share

some of my tips with you.

Based on theory part.

1.Make the most of Middle moves

As I wrote in Theory part,

Heihachi’s middle moves

are very strong and useful.

I would like to tell you

good points and weak points

of each middle move.

1-1.Lightning Crush(f+3)

Middle moves without Block Punish.

You get down with NH,

and combo with CH.

It is rather quick move.


I use this move

when facing the wall

to get wall stun.


Moves with elbow or knee

are not parryable with

Asuka’s or Nina’s.

So for some Asuka players,

they rely on Parry in wall behind.

It would be very effective

against them.


And also I use it,

to get Delay strike.

To see Delay Strike,

please check my article below.

Delay Strike


If you do this after they block

your Slash Kick(f,f,f+3),

they cannot stop it.

See above. Raven is trying to

avoid it by d+1,

but it won’t stop me.

1-2.Right Splits Kick(f+4)

Frame Advantage when blocked.

Additional damage with CH.

And what is most important is,

when they crouch,

you can get additional damage

with Muso(d/f+1,2).

When they crouch,

they show their heads off.

Personally, this move

is the most effective

middle moves in Heihachi.


I use it for,

“Okizeme”and”Wall situation”


When they block it,

d/f+1 is not stoppable.

But some players try to

escape by side walk.


In that case,

you can use Homing attack(b+4).

Additional damage in CH.

1-3.Left Splits Kick(f,f+3)

Combo launcher in NH and CH.

It has no Block Punishment.

The weakpoint is its slowness.


Be careful not to get CH.

It is very effective to do it

as Mix up or Okizeme.

1-4.Demon Uppercut(f,f+2)

Very long range launcher.

For most characters,

they have no punishment

for this move.


I do this as Interceptor,

or Whiff Punishment for

stand-up-kick, etc.

1-5.Homing attack(b+4)

Get down in NH,

no Block Punishment.

It is very useful in wall situation.


Another good point is that,

it is a screw move,

so when it is hit in the air,

you can get additional combo.


This move won’t

cover low position,

so sometimes it misses

against some moves,

such as Lili’s(d/b+4) etc.

1-6.Hell Axle(u/f+3,4)

Combo launcher in NH and CH.

Its range is also long.

Since it has Jump Status,

their Sitting Punch(d+1)

won’t work.


For my career, it is effective

whenever they try to step back.


See above.

It works when they

try to step back.


The weakness is that it doesn’t

hit against sidewalk.


If the opponent is walking side way,

you should do the Homing Attack

to make them stop.


In this part, I focus on

Heihachi’s middle moves.

If you want to use Heihachi,

first of all, try to use

these middle moves

as much as you can.


I will show you

how to get more damage

in other articles.