TEKKEN7 FR Heihachi tutorial-Theory

Heihachi tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Heihachi in TEKKEN7

-20 dan(Genbu)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:4

Panic Moves:2

Block Punishment:4

Attack Strings:1

Intercept attack:4

One of the good Intercept Attack

is EWGF(f,d,d/f+2).

And also Demon Uppercut(f,f+2)

is good for Interceptor.


With these two moves,

opponents can’t get closer to you.


Heihachi doesn’t have

Low attack with combo launcher.


For sure, you can get combo

from Tsunami Kick(f,d,d/f+4,4),

but that is an exception.


But Heihachi has

many good Mid attacks,

it means they won’t often

crouch against Heihachi .


In terms of Mix up,

Heihachi has a good quality.

Whiff Punishment:4

For their standing position,

definitely EWGF is useful.

But Heihachi doesn’t have

good Whiff Punishment in Mid attack.


Muso Tettsui(d/f+1,2)

will work, but it is not

a combo launcher.

Panic Moves:2

Not good.

2 while rising could be

a panic move,

and also Muso and

Flash Punch Combo(1,1,2)

are quick moves,so it could be

a kind of”panic moves”.


Heihachi’s Power Crush

is not useful,

that makes Heihachi

less effective in Panic situation.

Block Punishment:4

Muso is very useful.

However, Heihachi’s

not good at Block Punish

from crouching position.


1 while rising is

the most damageable punish from

crouching position,

but it is not a combo launcher.

For example, against King,

Muso is a Punish for Body Blow,

but Heihachi can’t go combo

when crouch King’s throws.

Attack Strings:1

Nothing special.

Most of Heihachi moves

are solo hits.


1.Make the most of Mid moves

Heihachi is very good at

Mid moves, and

most of them have no

Block Punishment.


For example,

Lightning Crush(f+3)

Right Splits Kick(f+4)

Homing attack(b+4)

Hell Axle(u/f+3,4)

Left Splits Kick(f,f+3)

Demon Uppercut(f,f+2) 


Thanks to these Mid moves,

opponents can’t easily crouch

facing with Heihachi.


So you can do Low attacks

and EWGF against them.


I will tell you details

of Mid attacks in Practice part1.

2. Use fast moves to control others

Heihachi has Muso and

Flash Punch Combo(1,1,2).

These two moves are

very fast so they can

stop the opponents from moving.


As for Flush Punch,

you can just input 1,1

and then if they hit,

you can input 2 for the last.


And as for Muso,

you can do

Muso Tettsui(d/f+1,2)

as Block Punishment

or Whiff Punishment.


And if you are not sure that

you can hit Muso,

you can change it into

Double Palm Strike(d/f+1,1).


Sometimes, I do

Delayed Muso.


Sometimes the second punch gets hit,

because the opponents think

that I won’t do the second one.

3. Wall nightmare

Heihachi becomes monster

facing the wall.

By Right Splits Kick(f+4),

it makes the other player

keep standing.


And I do Low attacks like,



Spinning Demon(f,d,d/f+4,4…).


Powerful Mix up facing the wall.


When they try to strike back,

you can get wall stun

by stepping side and Muso

as Whiff Punishment.


Also remember that Heihachi’s

Flash Punch can get wall stun,

not like other Mishima Characters.


Sometimes I do delayed Flash Punch

to get wall stun.


I will show you the details

of wall situation in practice part.


Even you can’t do EWGF,

Heihachi is still strong.

I can’t do EWGF perfectly,

but I managed to promote

Vanquisher with Heihachi.


Why don’t you start

Heihachi as sub character?