TEKKEN7 FR Jack-tutorial-Practice Part1

TEKKEN7 FR Jack-tutorial-Practice

Doctor’s max rank in TEKKEN7

-Overload(19 dan)

In this page,

I would like to share

with you some of my tips.

Based on theory.


1. Try to use Mid attacks with advantages.

As I already wrote in the Theory,

Jack has many Mid attacks,

which you still have plus frames

even when blocked.

Try to use them effectively.


Piston Gun Assault(b+2)

Personally, I use this the most.

You can make them down,

and when they blocked,

they are pushed away.


It is Frame Advantage

when blocked.


In a small stage,

you can get wall situation

with a couple of this moves.


And in a wall situation,

you should do this a lot,

so that they will not try to crouch.


See this video above. This is Jack online Vol.2.

With b+2, and d/b+1, I am very offensive.


Reactor Elbow(u/f+2)

I know some people use this often.

Even when hit, you are still close to them.

So you can keep attacking.


Also you can make them crouch,

it means they can’t back step.

Side step(u side) is only the way out.


Not like b+2,

you can’t make them down,

so I use this in a wall-less stage.


Granite Stomping(f,f+3)

This is very useful in Okizeme.

For example, after hitting,

d/f+1+2 during crouching,

this is useful for those who

try to keep down.

And f,f+3+4 is useful for those

who try to get up.


Even when this f,f+3 is blocked,

you are still Frame Advantage.


After showing this Stomping,

you can get big damage

with Mix up.


Discharger(1 while side step)

This move is also useful in Okizeme.

But it is very slow, because

you need to side step first.


This move is very strong,

because you can get combo when hit.

It is also useful for ground position.

And Frame Advantage when Blocked.

2. Choices in advantageous situation.

It is important to know

what choices or moves are effective

in a Frame Advantageous situation.


For big Low attacks,

Debugger(half circle forward+1)

and Power Shovel(d/b+2)

are best two.


However, they are not combo launcher

and risk is very high.


I would say, small Low attacks and

the same Mid attacks

(which I told you above)

are very effective.


If they try to react or move,

you can get counter attack

with f+2, or d/f+2.


Or maybe you can step back,

see whether they move.

If they move, get Whiff Punishment.


And Jack has good special throws.

For example, Volcano(d/f+2+4)

is a combo launcher throw.


I do this combo.


If it is difficult, you can skip b+1.


Pile Driver(d/b,f+1+2) is also huge damage.

It will create a flour break,

you can get higher damage with it.


If you can do these throws twice,

that means the player’s vital is short.

Try to throw them as much as possible.


3.Wall tactics

Jack becomes nightmare

in  a wall situation.


Not only b+2, but also

Machinegun Knuckle(d/b+1)

is useful.


You will become crouch after

this MK.

After that d/f+1 while crouching


3 while rising

will be enough to make them suffer.


And also 3,2 while rising can

make them wall stun.

The second punch is high,

so you will have a risk of


In that case, you can stop

at the first kick, and

do whatever you want.


Jack becomes nightmare facing the wall.

Also check my Jack Vol.3.

I become nightmare in wall situation.


I know high rank players

don’t do risky moves.


But if you just want to be

a Vanquisher, I agree to

do some risky moves.


Life is more fun with

some risks, right?