TEKKEN7 FR Katarina tutorial-Theory

Katarina tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Jin in TEKKEN7

-17 dan(Destoryer)


Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 2


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:3

Block Punishment:3

Attack Strings:3


Intercept attack: 2


She is not good at it.

Because she doesn’t have

right upper cut, which is

an effective Intercept attack.


She has High kick(4,4,4…)

or Greater Rhea(d/f+4)

for Intercept attack,

but they can get combo

only in CH.


Personally, I use

Plover Kick(f,f+4)

very often.



Especially in wall situation,

her low kicks are very dangerous.

See above. Wall combo and

wall strategy.


I will tell you more later.


Whiff Punish:3

Wing Cutter(u/f+4,4)

is a good for WP.

But its range is not so reliable.


So you should not miss

the whiff change

in front of you.


Kite Upper(2 while rising)

is also useful for

Whiff Attack in crouching position.


Panic Moves:3

Fractured Flock(b+3+4)

is OK, but not good enough.


I sometimes use, High kick(4,4,4),

as Panic moves.

The second one is mid,

so the risk is less.


Block Punishment:4

Not bad.

I would say,

she is on average.


Attack Strings:3

She has Harrier step,

but it is not so useful.

I don’t think you need to

use Harrier so often to win.


So, in general

Katarina is good at

Mix up, but not good at

Panic moves or Interceptors.

You need to be offensive.


Basic strategy is like,

try to get damage by

Mixup, and at the same time,

wait for the opponents panic moves.

And get Whiff attack.


Once you get combo,

and reach to the wall,

it is your turn.



1.Low kicks

Katarina has many good

Low kicks.

I will show you

how to use them.


Slipping tail(d/b+4)

Combo launcher,

but it is very slow.

High risk, high return.



Sliding Kick(d/b+3)

It is not a combo launcher,

but in wall situation,

you can get additional damage

with Lower Axis(u/b+4).



Short Tail(d/f+4 while crouching)

Since you can do it

while crouching,

it can be used after

you block some moves

which makes you crouch.

It becomes Mix up

with Kite Upper or 4 while rising.


Tucano Tail(d/f+3+4)

I sometimes use it

as Interceptor.

Additional damage

when CH.


These 4 kicks have

one thing in common.

“When blocked, it is very risky.”

For example, against King,

Body Blow is a blocking punishment.

However, some characters,

like Heihachi or Steve,

it becomes less risky.

So it is important to

choose which kick to use

depending on the opponents.


For other option,


is useful.


She has got,

d+3,3(Low Mid)

and d+3,4(Low High).


You can Mix up with

these 3 options.


I always starts from,


Do it again and again,

and make them move

and get Whiff attack.


Or you can do d+3,3or4

if they try to move

after the first kick.


2.Take big damage in wall

Katarina becomes dangerous

in wall situation.


I use

Plover Kick(f,f+4)


Sliding Kick(d/b+3)

for Mix up.


And special throw,

Phoenix Kick Flurry(d/f+1+2)

can get wall combo.


See above. Throw and Rage Arts.

Impressive damage.


Katarina is also good at

“combo carry”, so once

you get combo,

you can reach to the wall.

And it is your turn.


3.When panic, High Kick

As it is written above,

High kick is used

for Panic moves.


On the contrary,

I hate Katarina players

who use High kick a lot.


It is hard to get Whiff attack

against it because of the

second and third kick.

See above. You need to

sense their feeling of movements.

I saw the jab, I thought like

“Oh, he may be doing something.”



You don’t need to

remember much to master


And she has many

good moves.


If you remember some

strategy from this site,

you can easily promote.


Please also check my

youtube online for Katarina.

You can see how I win with my theory.