TEKKEN7 FR Kazuya tutorial-Theory

 Kazuya tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Kazuya in TEKKEN7(arcade)

-22 dan(Seiryu)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:1

Block Punishment:4

Attack Strings:2

Intercept attack: 4

EWGF is the best

Intereceptor in Kazuya.

But since it is high attack,

they try to crouch.


You need to choose

mid attack to stop

them crouch.


I will explain more

in Tactics 3.



Kazuya has good mid attacks.

Left Splits Kick(f,f+3)

Shattered Spine(3 while side step)

These are combo launchers.

And from seazon(round2),

Lion Slayer(d/b+2)

became more useful.


With normal hit,

you can get them down,


Devil’s Steel Petal(f,f+4)

can be a additional hit.


And for the low attack,

Spinning Demon to Left Hook(f,d,d/f+4,1)


Stature Smash(d/b+4)

are useful.


As to Stature Smash(d/b+4),

If you hit it,

the next Abolishing Fist(d/f+2)

can be unstoppable,

and you can get

counter hit.


If they keep blocking,

you can do more low attacks.


In this way,

you can keep your



Whiff Punish:3

WGF is good for

Whiff punishment.


But it is high attack,

and it needs command skill.


And Kazuya doesn’t have

good middle Whiff attack

in standing position.


Therefore, it strongly depends on

how good your WGF skills

whether you can get good damage.


Panic Moves:1

No good.

No useful jumping status



Searing Edge(u/f+3)

can only get them down,

and the Power Crush is not good.


Personally, when I use Kazuya

I crouch and do Double uppercut,

or when I want to do panic moves.


See above.

When I think they will do

1, or 1,2, I suddenly crouch

and do Twin Pistons.

I don’t confirm if they do or don’t.


Block Punishment:4

Very good.

Sokushitsu Goda(b+1,2) is useful.


And his punishments

from crouching positions

are handy.


Twin Pistons(1,2 while rising)

is outstanding.


See above. Very few characters

can go combo launcher

after blocking

Bryan’s Hachet.


And as to the long distance,

Oni Front Kick(f+3)

has long range.


But if you are not good at

WGF, sometimes it would be

difficult to get damage.


Attack Strings:2


He has some moves

with 3 attack strings,

but they are not useful.



In general,

when you use Kazuya,

you need to control them

with Wave Dash skills.


If they try to move,

then you can do WGF.

If they don’t move,

you can do Mix up.


Although his panic moves

are not useful,

you can wait and get damage

with Blocking Punishment.


His wall tactics is also very good.



1. Practice your Wave Dash skill

Among Mishima characters,

Kazuya needs to use Wave Dash

to win the battles.


If you can’t do EWGF well,

you need to practice it.


You don’t need to do it 100%,

but try to make it

more available.


I have written an article

about EWGF.

Please take a look at it,

and understand the concept of it.

basic tutorial:How to EWGF


As for the Mix up of Wave Dash,

Left Splits Kick (f,f+3)

is useful.


Usually, you can do

Left Splits Kick by (f,f+3),

but please remember that

you can do it by

(f,d,d/f,f+3) as well.


If you do Mix up often,

they will try to move

and stop you.


In this situation,

you have a chance for

Whiff Punishment.


See above.

Even if you can’t do

EWGF well, you can

get damage with normal WGF.

To do it, you need to move

with Wave Dash all the time.


2. Useful Kick attacks

Even if you can’t do

EWGF well, you can still

depend on Kazuya Kick moves.

I will expain it more

in the Practice Part1.


3. What is the counter for EGWF?

EGWF is very useful

and good Interceptor.


But for sure they will

wait for your EGWF

and get damage.

You need to know

what are the weakpoints

of EGWF.


1: crouch

2: side walk


You must change your

action depending on

what their reactions.


And if they don’t

crouch or side walk,

you can do EGWF

as much as you can.


for crouch or side walk

Oni Front Kick(f+3)

It’s range is good,

but it is also weak at

side walk or side step.


Abolishing Fist(d/f+2)

It has Blocking Punishment.

But when CH, you can go combo.

It also works against

side step or side walk.


Flash Tornado(b+4)

It is Homing(track) attack.

When CH, you can go combo.

But it is high attack.

I don’t use this so often.


Rampaging Demon(b+2)

The damage is low,

but it works against

crouching and side stepping.

It has second shot with


but the second one is high attack.

I sometimes do this.

Shattered Spine(3, while side step)

Even though you can only

do it during side step,

it is a combo launcher

without blocking punishment.

Because you are also

stepping aside,

this move is effective

against side step.


See above. When you do it,

try to move right side,

so that you can go

combo easily with d/f+1,4.


When you use Kazuya,

you need to do some

moves to stop them

crouch or side step.


You also need to

middle attack moves

to keep them standing.


Try to arrange your

moves depending on

what are your opponents reaction.


I think many players use Kazuya,

so that most players know

what Kazuya would do.


You need to know

how they react against

your Kazuya and

adapt with them.