TEKKEN7 FR King tutorial-Practice Part2[King’s Interceptors]

King tutorial-Practice Part2[King’s Interceptors]

Doctor’s max rank of King in TEKKEN7

-19 dan(Overload)

In Part2,I will show you

more details than Part1.

If you haven’t,

check Part1 first.

TEKKEN7 FR King tutorial-Practice(for beginners)

In this article,

I will focus on

King’s Interception Attack.

5 Interception Attacks

Once, I have read an article

writing about King’s weakpoint.


It says,

“I found King is poor at Interceptors.”

I totally agree with it.

Let me define”Interception Attack”.

It is a move that you do whenever

they are coming.


But you are not sure

when they will come.

So if they are not coming,

you will get Whiff Punishment.


But if you don’t do it at all,

they will keep coming.


What are the King’s Interceptors?

Let me show you some.

Quick Hook(b+1)

Double Hook(d/f+2,1)

Body Blow(d/f+2, while crouching)

Heel Kick(u/f+3)

Crouching Low Kick(d/b+3)


I know some of these don’t look

“Interception Attack” to you.

So let me explain.

Quick Hook(b+1)

Range: good

Risk for Whiff Punish: good

Mid: bad

Damage: so so

(good=20pt, so so=10pt)

Score is 50.

Damage is so so,

because it can be launcher

only when it is countered.


Except that it is High attack,

it is a good Interceptor.


Usually, when they get closer to you,

they will be standing, not crouching.

But it has a risk of being

crouched for your Quick Hook.

So, don’t use it too often.

Double Hook(d/f+2,1)

Range: bad

Risk for Whiff Punish: good

Mid: good

Damage: bad

Score is 40.

Damage is not good.

Even it is countered,

you won’t get a good damage.

And for sure you need to

confirm whether CH or NH.

The range is also not good.


I use this in the end,

to finish them when their vital is little.

Body Blow(d/f+2, while crouching)

Range: good

Risk for Whiff Punish: bad

Mid: good

Damage: good

Score is 60.

The risk is Whiff Punish and Block Punish.

In my rank, over Destroyer or Savior,

they won’t miss Whiff Punish.


But in other words,

“At least you can make them block.”

“If you do this, they can”t easily crouch.”


So, my opinion is that,

“Although it is risky,

you need to do it for some extent.”


See above.

Make sure you do it,

when you sense

they are coming.

Its range is good,so it hits more than you think.

For the whole movie, see King Vol.9

Heel Kick(u/f+3)

Range: good

Risk for Whiff Punish: good

Mid: good

Damage: bad


Score is 60.

Except its poor damage,

it is not a bad Interceptor.

Usually, weakpoint of Interceptor is

“Whiff Punishment”,

but after this move,

you will fall on the ground,

meaning the risk of Whiff Punish Damage

will be less.

I use this when the opponents are dying,

for the last shot.

Crouching Low Kick(d/b+3)

Range: good

Risk for Whiff Punish: bad

Mid: so so

Damage: so so

Score is 40.

Although it is not Mid attack,

this Low attack can be used

for those wait for Body Blow.

And it has return of good damag

ewhen counter hit.

Like, Mishima or Hwoarang,

Steve or Bryan,

you can use this move

against those Intercept Attacks which are High Attack.

For some characters, it won’t get

a big damage Block Punishment.

*For the whole movie, see King Vol.11


But for sure, this won’t be

the main Intercept Attack,

because it is very risky.

What is the best Interceptor?

Each has good point

and bad point.

It is not like some characters,

“You should only do move A.”


I would say,

if you are using King,

remember King is not good at

Interception Attack.

But also remember,

opponents can’t get closer 

when you mix your Interceptors.


Ideally, starting from

Quick Hook, which is High attack,

and when they start crouching,

you can mix up with

Body Blow or Heel Kick.

You can do

Crouching Low Kick sometimes

praying for counter hit.


If they stop coming,

you can go and throw them

as much as you want.


And then they will start doing

their Intercept Attacks

against your throw or Mid Attack.

Then you can wait for them,

and get Whiff Attack.


This is how you make your

cycle of moves.



Leg Breaker(d/f+1, while crouching)

works as Interception Attack.


Please try to look back

your battle style,

and confirm the check-points below,

1: Do you use same moves for Interceptor?

2: Do you use moves whose damage is low?

3: Do you forget to use Body Blow as Interceptor?

If you master Interception Attack,

your rank will get better, I’m sure.