TEKKEN7 FR King tutorial-Practice Part3 “Ideas to throw”

King tutorial-Practice Part3 “Ideas to throw”

In Practice part,I show you practical techniques

to win in Online battles.

If you haven’t checked previous articles,

check below first.



I’d like to tell you”How to throw”.


Whenever you feel,

“It is difficult to throw in matches.”

please read the concept below.

only when they stand still

It is only when they stop

that you can throw others.

Therefore, you can’t throw others

1. when they are attacking you.

2. when they are crouching

3. when they are stepping side


Suppose you hit 1,2.

Soon after that, if they

1. try to attack you back

2. try to crouch

3. try to step side

it means, your throw won’t make it.

(except crouch throws and long range throws)


So it is important to have options

that will make damage for those who

1. try to attack you back

2. try to crouch

3. try to step side  

1. options to make pain for those who attack back

If they try to move,

it means you can get

counter hit with

Quick Hook(b+1)

Double Hook Disaster(d/f+2,1)

Jumping Knee Lift(u/f+4)

It is often forgotten that

in matches, what is most damageable

is “counter hit”.


Sometimes people say,

“They move too much.

I can”t throw them.”.

Try to think,

“They move a lot,

it makes me get counter hit a lot.”


Or maybe simply,

you can just step back

and get Whiff Punishment.

It is sometimes important to step back

even when you want to throw.

2. options to make pain for those who crouch

The answer is simple.

Just do Mid attacks.

The best move is

Brain Chop(d/b+2).

This move has no Block Punishment,

it can be a combo launcher with

both NH and CH.


I am using many characters,

but this move is exceptionally good in all.


All King players should do it more.

If you do this often,

they will stop crouching.


Another option is

Jumping Knee Lift(u/f+4).

Although it has Block Punishment,

it is rather fast than Brain Chop,

so that it would be effective

for those who crouch

or try to move.


Personally, I won’t recommend

Elbow Sting(d/f+1,2)


Front Kick to DDT(f+3,1+2).


Because they are not painful enough.

It must have “big damage”

to stop them from being crouch.

3. options to make pain for those who step side

Some players try to avoid throws

with stepping sideway.


Rolling Sobat(f+4)

is one of the options.


But try to think,

“Does it have enough damage

to stop them from

stepping side?”


In a wall situation,

for sure you can get wall stun.

But without wall,

the damage is not so big.

I would like to tell you another move.


It is

Snap Uppercut(1+2 while rising)

from King step(crouch dash).


Few King players use this.

But for sure, it is very effective.

Although it has

Block Punishment,

it is also useful for

both Backstep and Sidestep.

It will catch them even when 

they want to escape backwards or sideway. 


However, this move is very slow.

You can’t always choose this move.

In that case Rolling Sobat

is the alternative.

It will be effective for those who

does Sitting Punch(d+1).


Be careful for the risk of left punch(1).

They might catch you in the air.

And you can get Okizeme

after you get down from

Rolling Sobat.


And Jaguar Hook(f,f+1)

is also useful for sidestep.

With counter hit,

you can get a big damage.

It is especially useful

for those who try to

step side and do Right uppercut.


In this part,

I have told you some basic idea

to get throws.


It is rather basic theory to get throws.

But basic it is, it is very important

to throw others.


I will show you more details

and techniques when to throw

in online matches.