TEKKEN7 FR Paul tutorial-Theory

TEKKEN7 FR Paul tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Feng in TEKKEN7

-22 dan(Seiryu)


Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punishment:3

Panic Moves:3

Block Punishment:4

Attack Strings:3


Intercept attack:4

I use these moves below

as Intercept attack.


Right Uppercut(d/f+2)

Thruster(half circle forward+1)

Kawaragoma(half circle back+4)


If you think the enemy is coming,

you can do these moves, for interceptor.


Be careful, Thruster and Kawaragoma

are high attack, they may crouch for these.


Kawaragoma is a very useful move.

Although it is high, I do it sometimes.



I think Paul is very offensive.

But for mids and lows,

they have risks.


Smasher(half circle forward+2)

Demolition Man(d+4,2,1+2)

These moves are very big damage,

but they are also risky.

For the Smasher, some characters

don’t have punishment.

For those characters, I think

it is a good idea to do Smasher a lot.


For the other mids,


Wrecking Ball(u/b+2)

Rubber Band(half circle back+2)

These are also good,

but not as great as Smasher.


For the lows,

Pump in Pedal(3, during side step)

and throws are

available if you hate risks.


Whiff Punichment:3

For Whiff Punishment,

Thruster(half circle forward+1)


Smasher(half circle forward+2)

are the choices.

But these are not easy to do


Other option is Right uppercut.

You need to see the situation,

and judge which Whiff Punish to use.


Panic Moves:3

Not bad, but not good.


-Burning Spear(b,f+1)


When hit, additional damage with Smasher

It is high, so risk of being crouched



-Shoulder Tackle(f+1+4)

It has punishment when blocked.

Damage is not high.



A combo launcher, and it has punishment.


-Parry(b+1+3 or b+2+4)


-High kick(4)

A combo launcher when countered.


Block Punishment:4

Shoulder Smash(d+1+2)

is a good punishment.


When you are facing the wall,

you can get wall stun,

after you block something

like rising knee.


And this shoulder can be punishment

when you block standing mid kick

from grounding.


And when you block low kick

from standing up,

3,2 during rising up is also

makes them wall stun.


1.Simple mix up

Paul’s tactics is very simple.

It is just mix up. Mid or Low.

Since his Whiff attacks are not

very handy, you need to get

close and mix their blocks.


And when you are facing the wall,

this mix up will get

much more stronger.


However, I sometimes see Paul players

who do only Smasher and Demolition Man.

They are not so much scary,

because they are predictable.


So you need to use

not only big moves,

but also small or middle ones.


2.Try to use “small” “middle” and “big” moves.

It is just my personal groups,

I will show you main moves

that I use in Paul.


Small moves







3 during side step

Middle moves



half circle forward+3

half circle backward+2

Big moves

half circle backward+4

half circle forward+2




As for the ratio of small, middle, and big,

I would say,

40% 30% 30% is my style.


If you use small moves only,

you can’t get a good damage,

and you will lose.

And if you use only big moves,

it will be too risky.


3.Master the wall situation

Paul is very strong in wall situation.

He has many moves which make

them wall stun.

And when you get wall stun

or wall combo,

Smasher is very useful.

Two time Smashers and this damage.


And Paul is also good at Okizeme in wall.

When they are on ground,

d/b+2 and d+2 are effective.

And when he block standing up kick,

d+1+2 and 3,2 during rising can

make them wall stun again.


See above, hammer and Demolition are

just enough.



This is a movie that I made for “Wall Tactics”.

Please check it and see how to make the most

of wall situation.


Simple is the best!

This is Paul.


I personally like this character.

Although its tactics is simple,

but there are many techniques there.

I would talk about details in

Practice site.