TEKKEN7 basic tutorial:How to break throws

Basic tutorial:How to break throws


When you play on matches,

it is very important

to break “throws”.


No matter how long

have you played TEKKEN,

for those who have

difficulty in breaking throws,

please read my article.


I won’t talk about

how to break throws,


I am writing this

for those who

“know how to break,

but can’t break.”

1. First of all, practice it!

To be frank with you,

what I can suggest you

for breaking throws,

is that “Practice it!”.


I know some players think

“I will be able to break them

as I play online games.”


I totally disagree

with this idea.


When you play sports,

do you think

you can be better

just to play games?


When you play tennis,

you need to practice

to hit the ball.


You practice

how to hit back

“slow ball”

“fast ball”

“spin ball”



And one day,

in games,

your body act

as you have practiced.


It is same as TEKKEN.


When I break throws,

I don’t think.


My finger or brain

reacts automatically.


It is because

I have practiced

breaking them.


I will show you

how to practice




2. Step by step

When you practice

breaking throws

with Play station

or something,


I would like to

show you

how I did

to improve my

skill to break.


Step by step,

first try to

break throws only.


Normal throws

and Special throws.


You need to see

which arms are

coming to you.


In practice/training mode,

you can set up

to see the throws




I recommend Law

for practice.


First step,

only throws,



And then add

Dragon dive(f+2+3).


This throw is kind of

special, because he

shows his foot,

not the hand.


And for the next step,


Dragons’s tail(d/b+4)


Somersault kick(u/f+4)


For Dragon’s tail,

you need to crouch.

And for Somersault

you need to keep standing.


It is very useful to

face with the mix up



For my next step,

I did against King as well.


He has special throws,

and also Leg breaker,

crouching kick(d/b+3).


You need to practice

until you react

without thinking.



3. Expectation

After you practice,

it is also important

to “expect” the throw.


For example,

when you fighting with King.

And let’s say King

is against the wall.


King will do Giant Swing

more than other throws.


For sure King will do

other throw perhaps,

but you need to

focus this GS will come to you.



My best advice for

breaking throws

is “Practice it!”.


Although the effort

seems hard and tired,

it will be effective.


Because you don’t need

to be afraid of throws

any more.