TEKKEN basic tutorial: Whiff Punishment(5 patterns)

TEKKEN basic tutorial: Whiff Punishment

As I already wrote about Whiff Punishment in here

Whiff Punishment is to attack your opponents

while they miss some moves.

But what is important is that

they won”t miss any moves without reasons.


You need to understand why they miss moves,

and you need to create that moment

for the “Whiff Punishment”.

If you want to be Vanquisher,

please read below

and try to understand the theory of Whiff Punishment.

5 patterns for Whiff Punishment

I will show you 5 patterns

for Whiff Punishment.


1.Whiff Punishment for Interceptor(Oki)

2.Whiff Punishment for Panic Moves

3.Decoy and Whiff Punishment

4.Whiff Punishment for follow-up-attacks

5.Whiff Punishment for first move


Among these, 2,3,and4

are easy for you to get Whiff Punishment.

I will tell you why and how-to.

1.Whiff Punishment for Interceptor(Oki)

For example, Hwoarang and Alisa

would do Right Uppercut in the match,

as Interceptor(Oki).

See above.

Heihachi tries to hit me with his knee,

and I did Whiff Punishment against it.

*For the full movie, see Asuka Vol.1


But it is very difficult to see

when they miss their moves.

And even you see their moves,

it is sometimes too late hit your Whiff Punishment.


Some Whiff Punishment are not easy to do.

For that reason, it is too hard hit.


And if you miss your timing and range,

they will hit you back.

It is a risk just for waiting their Interceptor.

So what I am trying to tell you is

that for sure you can try to hit your Whiff Punishment against

their Interceptors, such as Right Uppercut or etc.


But it is not very easy to do that every time.

2.Whiff Punishment for Panic Moves

For instance, when you hit something,

they sometimes try to do Panic Moves.

It is your chance to hit Whiff Attack.

See above. Hit and step back,and Whiff Punishment.

For sure whenever you hit something,

you want to hit more.

But try to stop and step back,

and see if they move or don’t move.


Sometimes, you stop and see

after blocking them moves

with Frame Advantageous.


The best thing is

“If they move, Whiff Punishment,

if they don’t, do nothing.”

But if you’re not confident with this judgement,

for sure you can’t just do your Whiff Punishment

whenever after you step back without confirmation.

First you need to learn about Whiff Punishment.

And when you are ready,

try to confirm what they do during your back step.

3.Decoy and Whiff Punishment

When they block something,

or when you hit a small low attack,

sometimes they react and move.

Then you can,

backstep, crouch, or side step

and Whiff Punishment.

This is backstep pattern.

*For the full video, see Jack Vol.5

This is crouch pattern.

*For the full video, see Bob Vol.2


Some players do a small low kick,

and wait for your reaction.

You need to see if the moves are decoys.

4.Whiff Punishment for follow-up-attacks

Sometimes, when they hit something,

they will do follow-up-attack.

This case, they hit something and follow-up.

*For the full video, see King Vol.10

This case, they miss something and follow-up.

*For the full video, see Feng Vol.4

Also follow-up move for the previous miss.

*For the full video, see Bob Vol.2


In both cases, you should wait

and check whether you can

hit your Whiff Punishment.


For beginners, this pattern is relatively easy.

So try to hit your Whiff Punishment from this situation.


5.Whiff Attack for beginning move

For this pattern,

I think it is similar to the first pattern.

I have seen some players trying to move

in the beginning.


And for particular characters,

they do particular moves.


For example,

for Law and Kazumi,High kick(4)

Josie will do High kick and u/f+3,

u/f+4, for Bryan.

d/f+2 for Kazuya,

b+4 for Feng

u+4 for Lili.


For sure, some players

will choose other moves

or they won”t move all times,

but all you have to do

is step back and Whiff Punishment.

For beginners, you don’t have to confirm.

But gradually you need to.

*For the full video, see Eddy Vol.7


I know you already know

it is important to hit your Whiff Punishment.

But I explained how to do it in matches.

And each character has

their best moves for Whiff Punishment.

In my “Theory” part in characters,

I am showing you the best moves for Whiff Punishment.

I hope you read them as well.