TEKKEN7 basic tutorial:Block or Parry

Basic tutorial:Block or Parry

For TEKKEN beginners,

it is natural to think,

“Which is better for low attacks,

block or parry?”


I used to wonder which is better,

when I was beginner.


Now, I would like to

share how I understand

for now.

1.Which will get more damage?

Please try to think,

which will get more damage,

block or parry?


This answer is as below,

“If you block something

big low attack,

such as you can get 

combo launcher,

it is better to block.”


“If you block something

you can’t get combo launcher,

parry is better.”











Let me give you an example.

Let’s say, Bryan vs Bryan.


After you block Snake Edge(d/f+3),

you can get about 60 damage

from Left Upper and combo.


But if you parry it,

you can get only 40 damage

with combo.


And let’s say you block

Sweeper Kick(d/b+3).


You can get only 18 damage

with High Knee kick(3 while rising),

as a blocking punishment.


But if you parry it,

you will get 40 damage and more,

for wall combo and Okizeme.


Even if the low attack is small,

you will get 30% damage

with aerial combo, wall combo

and Okizeme.


If you block something big,

it is better to block than parry.


It is sometimes pity t

parry something big.

2.Parry is more difficult

In general,

parrying is more difficult

than blocking.


Sometimes, you try to

parry low attack,

but you accidentally get hit

with big and slow low attack

(like Snake Edge).


It happens sometimes.


It is better to parry

in only 2 patterns below.



2-1. When you see their habits

In middle ranks,

like Warrior or something,


sometimes you can “read”

the other players thought.


For example,

many Lee players would do

d+3 after left upper(d/f+1).


In that case, you can parry them.


2-2. In Attack strings


Kazuya’s 1,2,4


Law’s b+2,3

you should parry the low,

because it is clear that

low is coming next.


You can stop the attack strings

and get more damage

than just block them.



3. Parry the last shot

When you are deadly,

they tend to finish you

with small low kicks.


Sometimes you can parry them,

and win against them.


See above. I make them block

something with no punish.

It is like a trap.



It depends on what is coming

whether you should

block or parry it.


It is good to tell the differences,

and keep winning your

online matches.


Good luck!