TEKKEN7 FR Bob tutorial-Practice Part1

Bob tutorial-Practice1

Doctor’s max rank of BOb in TEKKEN7



In this page,I would like to share

with you some of my tips.

Based on theory.

1.Create the moment for Whiff Punishment

As already mentioned in “Theory” part,

Bob is good at Whiff Punishment.

If you haven’t read my Whiff Punishment tutorial,

I recommend you to read it first.

TEKKEN basic tutorial: Whiff Punishment


For Bob, in any patterns in the “Whiff Punishment tutorial”,

Cracker Jacker(u/f+1+2, 1+2) is very useful.

Anytime, back step and Cracker Jacker.

It is very easy.


For sure, Abats Snipe(d/b+1+2)

is much better,

but if you just want to be Vanquisher,

I think Cracker Jacker is enough.


The merit of Cracker Jacker

is that you can stop at the first hit,

or you can choose 1+2, or 4 for the second.


By mixup these options,

the risk gets less.


What is important is that,

try to get ready for the Whiff Punishment.


And whenever you hit something,

block something,

step back a little,and wait for the timing.

2. Try to confuse them with Punch Strings

As I already mentioned in “Theory” part,

Bob has various punch combinations.

Some moves are solo,

and some are up to 4 hits.


See above. If you can mixup

these combinations, they will get busy.

2-1. 1,1,2 and 1,4

1,1,2 is damage priority,

1,4 is frame priority.

For sure, you can just tap 1 and 1,1 randomly,

and if the 1,1 hits,

you can tap 2 for the last.


Jab and Low kick.

High rank player will parry it,

but you can do it against players around 12 dan or so.

Main purpose of this not the damage itself.

“Try to draw their reaction.”

is the main purpose.


See above. This is the main purpose.

2-3. 2,1,4

For those who try to move

before second and third attack,

the last kick will hit.

And you can get additional damage

with d+1 or b+3.

2-4. u/f+2

Bob’s right upper cut can be a combo launcher

only when countered.


I use it when I expect their moves

in Frames Disadvantageous.


And even the Upper Cut is blocked,

it has no punish.

Many players tend to do 1,2 for it.


See above. You can crouch their 1,2 punches.

2-5. u/f+1,2

Usually, don’t do the second punch.

The second one has Block Punishment.

Let them wait for the second one,

and keep doing various punches.

2-6. b+2,2,4,4

Very useful combination.

Mid, High, Mid, High combination.

The second one is high,

so if you keep stopping at the first one,

they will wait or move.

If they try to move,

the second one becomes counter hit,

then the third and fourth will hit accordingly.


Personally, I stop at the first and the third,

because the last one is high.

For Eddy’s Relaxed position,

this combination is very useful.

See above. Counter Eddy.

2-7. b+1,2

Very useful move with good damage

and no Block Punish.

I sometimes do this move

from, f,d,d/f,b+1,2

So that they might expect

that Seppia Swing(f,d,d/f+4,1+2)is coming.


For other punch moves,I would say,

f+2 and 2 during rising are also handy.

The opponents will stop and

be careful for the second shot.

3.Don’t forget the Panic Moves.

Although I scored 3 out of 5,

Bob’s Panic Moves are not that bad.

High kick(4) is a combo launcher when countered.


See above. The combo is easy.


And Bynhme Strike(1+2 while sidestep)

has no punish.

Hot Croos Bun(b,f+1) has a little punish,

but some players can’t react with it.


Please watch my online match.I “evade” very often,

which keep them waited for my Panic Moves.


Bob is a good character to practice Whiff Punishment.

So if you have never chosen him,it is a good opportunity.