TEKKEN7 basic tutorial:How to EWGF

TEKKEN7 basic tutorial:How to EWGF

If you are using Mishima characters,

please read this article.

And also those who

are suffering from EWGF,

this article must be useful.

As for my best rank,



Devil Jin and Kazuya(Usurper).

4 patterns for EWGF

I will show you

4 cases to hit EWGF.

Please confirm these cases

and try to understand how to hit it.


1.Blocking Punishment

2.Whiff Punishment

3.Intercept Attack

4.Frame Disadvantage

1.Blocking Punishment

For sure,

some moves have

Blocking Punishment for EWGF.


For example,

Feng’s f+3,

4Lili”s d+3+4.


Try to get maxim damage with

these Blocking Punishment.

2.Whiff Punishment

If you are Mishima players,

it is very important

to get Whiff Punishment with EWGF.


As it is written in the article

“Whiff Punishment”,

you need to draw their moves

to get Whiff Punishment.

Whiff Punishment


Try to draw their moves,

and get Whiff Punishment.

3.Intercept Attack

You can do EWGF

when the opponents

try to get closer to you.


If you keep doing it,

the opponents will have to

crouch or side step.


Then you can do

Homing attacks or Mid attacks

to stop them from

crouching or side steps.


Even they block the EWGF,

you can push them to the wall.

Try to find out the timing

for interceptors.

You can do some moves,

to draw their approach.

It is OK not even EWGF, but WGF.

4.Frame Disadvantage

It is effective to do EWGF

when you are in Frame Disadvantage.

For example,after you get 1,2 hit,

or after you get your moves blocked.

For the opponents,

they will think,

“I want to do mix up,

but I am afraid of EWGF.” 

They might crouch,

and do combo launcher.

That means, they need to be

defensive even though

they want to be offensive.


You can even do Mid attacks,

when you discover

they are crouching in front of you.

As you can see,

I am doing EWGF,

even I got Bryan’s d/f+2,1.


For other situations,

you can do EWGF whenever

they try to do moves.

For example,

soon after they get up,

or when you do EWGF

instead of mix up.

I have seen many Mishima players

who have original sense of EWGF.


Try to look back your timing of

EWGF in battles.

And try to wait the moment

that Mishima players do EWGF.


And you can get Whiff Punishment for EWGF.

Hope you understand how to hit EWGF.


One of the enjoy-point in TEKKEN

is EWGF. Please enjoy your EWGF situation.