TEKKEN7 FR Jack tutorial-Theory

TEKKEN7 FR Jack tutorial-Theory



Doctor’s max rank in TEKKEN7

-Overload(19 dan)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept Attack: 3


Whiff Punishment:4

Panic Moves:1

Block Punishment:3

Attack Strings: 3


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Intercept attack: 3

I guess only Right Upper(d/f+2)

is available for intercept attack.

However it has risk,

so Jack is not a good character

for waiting.



You can get big damage

when you use Jack.

Although Jack has no low attack launcher,

he has good small and big low attacks.


And don’t forget that he has many

good mid attack moves.

Some of them can keep you advantage

even when blocked.


And also, Jack’s throws are very dangerous.

*I will talk about details in Practice page.


Whiff Punichment:4

Again, Right Upper cut is

useful for Whiff attack.

However its range is not very long.

So I’ve scored it 4.


You need to be sure for their moves,

to get a good Whiff Punishment.

Panic Moves:1

Nothing useful.


Only Tornado Punch(1+2) and

Pinpoint Assault(f+2)

came up to me.


As for Trnado Punch(1+2),

it could be a launcher.

However, you can get crouched

because the second punch is High.

It is very risky.


And as for Pinpoint Assault(f+2),

you can get additional damage

when countered.

I recommend

Atomic Shoulder Tackle(f+3+4)


Rocket Kick(f,f+4)

for the additional damage.

f+3+4 is easier but less damage.



Although it is High,

Jack’s Power Crush is useful(u/b+1+2).


Jack doesn’t have jumping kick,

which makes him more difficult

to evade the dangerous situation.


Block Punishment:3

For the small punish, 2,1 is available.

f+2 is also useful because it has long range.

And Right Upper is also good for punishment.

For me, I don’t think his total

punish skill is very high.


As summary, his Interceptor(Oki)

and Evading skill are not good,

which makes him less defensive.



However, his offensive skill,

especially in wall situation,

is very high.


Attack Strings:3

Personally, I think d/f+1 is

a good Attack String.

I will tell you details in Practice part.


1. Make useful for Mid with advantage.

Jack has several Mid(High) attacks

which makes Jack advantage even

when blocked.


Piston Gun Assault(b+2)

Granite Stomping(f,f+3)

Reactor Elbow(u/f+2)

Discharger(1 while side step)

Snipe(2 while side step)


After you make them block these,

and you can keep attacking, like


1-1. by low attacks and throws,

1-2. do the same Mid attacks and make them upset,

1-3. do the Mid attacks for those who try to move.



See above. This could be useful

for those who can’t break throws.


And Jack becomes nightmare

when facing the wall.

See the video above. You can watch my Jack

tactics in wall situations.


2. Make them reactive with small Low attacks.

Machinegun Knuckle(d/b+1)

is very useful Low attack.

Very fast, good range,

and its damage is not bad.


After hitting it, you step back.

If the other players move,

you can get Whiff attack with Right Upper(d/f+2).


I sometimes do,

(d/b+1), and (d+2) and step back.

They often react after d+2.


With small Low attacks,

players often get “Irritated”.


3.Sometimes big Low attacks

Big Low attacks like,

Debugger(half circle forward+1)

and Power Shovel(d/b+2)

and special throws like,

Lift Up Megaton Hit(u/f+1+2 then d,d/f+2)

Pile Driver(d/b,f+1+2)

Volcano(d/f+2+4) plus combo


You can get good damage with these.


With my experience,

I don’t see so many people

who can see Debugger and crouch.

(Don’t do it often anyway)



Well, try to think that

these Low attacks and throws

are not for damages,

they are for the players to get

“more reactive”.


One of Jack’s merit is his offensiveness.

I really like Jack, because it makes me

very excited when attacking.

I will show you more details in Practice page.