TEKKEN7 FR-Dragunov Practice Part1[Assault&Razer]

Dragunov-Practice Part1[Assault&Razer]

Doctor’s max rank of Dragunov in TEKKEN7

-20 dan(Genbu)

In this page,I would like to share

with you some of my tips.

Based on theory.

1.Master “Assault&Razer” strike

1-1. Practice “Instant Assault”


is not very effective

from far away.

It will be easily avoid by side walking.

Ideally, Assault should be done

by close range.

Therefore please practice Instant Assault.

See above. At least, this far.

As for the input,

I always input like “f,f,f+2,4”,

in case of miss input,

4 will come after f+2.

See above. This is how I reduce risk.

And when you practice, Instant Assault,

I recommend to do “Buffer” technique.

I do Razer(d+2) or b+2,

and then Instant Assault.

Please create your own “Buffering”.

1-2. Options when they block Assault

When they block Assault,

you get Frame Advantage.

I will share my options with you

after they block Assault.


Watch and see if they move.

If they move, Right Uppercut for Whiff Punish.


If they don’t move,

get small damage with Razer.

It is also useful for side step for a bit.

1-2-3. d/b+2

Many players would move

after blocking Assault.

d/f+2 is a little useful

for those who try to move side.

This option may be

the best safety move after Assault.


For those who do crouch punch,

or try to evade side way,

this u/f+4 is good.

And also you can get

additional damage when hit.

「下段はおとり/Low bait」[Tekken7FR]:ドクター/Doctor(Dragunov:Vol.3)

See above. I do a lot of u/f+4 with Lili(18 Dan, Savior)

1-2-5.Assault or Hammer(b+1+2)

You can get another Frame Advantage on block,

if they don’t move.

See above.

Twice Assault is difficult,but it is worth practicing.

1-3. Options when you hit Razer


Watch and see if they move.

If they move, Right Uppercut for Whiff Punish.

You need to check if they move

when you hit Razer.


You can do Razer more,

if they don’t move.

Make sure you step a little side way,

because after Razer you are

in crouching position.

You need to step side way

to do the next Razer.

1-3-3. 4 during rising

A safety move.

It is not effective for side way,

so you can choose 3 instead.

1-3-4.Assault or Hammer(b+1+2)

You can get another Frame Advantage on block,

if they don’t move.

1-3-5. 1 during rising

Dragunov has Attack String

safer 1 during rising.

They will stop to think what is coming next.

1-4.Basic idea is to “Watch”

I have seen many Dra players

who try to do something

after Assault or Razer.

But my message is,

“Don”t move, Watch”. 

Because it is the most effective move.

But for sure some high rank players do

Assault and Razer many many times in a row.

It is a message like,

“I know you won’t move,

because you are afraid of 

the Whiff Punish.

But can you hold up like that!?”

Once a famous player did Razer

6 times in a row.

And when the opponent got deadly,

he did Assault for the last.

TEKKEN is a mental fight,

if you keep doing Razer,

they would think another Razer will come.

See above. In this time I did 4 times in a row

because I knew Hei won’t move.


Assault and Razer are

the basic Dra’s strategy.

I know some people choose to do

“Safety moves”.

But the best option is to

“Watch for the Whiff Punish.”

But if they don’t move,

do more Assault and Razer.


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