TEKKEN7 FR Dragunov tutorial-Theory

Dragunov tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Dragunov in TEKKEN7

20 dan(Genbu)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 3


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:3

Block Punishment:3

Attack Strings:5

Intercept attack:4

Not so good.

Cocked Hammer(half circle forward+1)

An useful Interceptor,

but it is High attack.

Right Uppercut(d/f+2)

It is OK, but it has punishment.

Iron Flail(3+4)

It can be a combo launcher.

Even you miss it,

you will get on the ground,

meaning less risk.


I recommend you to practice the combo.

However, there is another risk that,

the opponents will get closer to you

every time you do this move,

because you get down

(you can choose to roll up/down).


I see some players do Razer(d+2),

as Interceptor.

It is not a good idea to do that.

The risk is high, and the gain is low.


See above. The Razer is very risky

for Intercept Attack.


The mix-up of

Russian Assault(f,f,f+2)



is very effective.

You can wait for Whiff Punishment,

when they block the Assault

or they got hit the Razer.

Mix-up of

Blizzard Hammer(b+1+2)

and Clipping Sweep(d/b+3)

is also good.

But some players can see the Sweep,

and the Hammer is not so damageable,

because it can’t be a combo launcher.

Only additional damage with

Six Feet Under(d+3+4).


You can get Frame Advantageous,

even they block Assault and Hammer.


I would say Dragunov is good at

offensiveness and mix-up.

Whiff Punish:3

Not so good.

Both Cocked Hammer and

Scabbard(f+1+2) are high attack.

And both Right Uppercut


Stinger Elbow(half circle forward+2)

have Block Punishment.


Therefore Dragunov is not a type

who waits for the moves,

but to make the move or react

and do his Whiff Punish.

Panic Moves:3

Mass Elbow(half circle backward+2)

is a good move, which can be a launcher.

But for sure, it is risky

when the opponents waits for it.

And also Salvo(1,2,1) is

useful,especially when countered.


In addition, Dragunov has parry,

so that when Nina or Steve

are trying to keep hitting,

you can change the flow with these evasions.

Block Punishment:3

For 12 frames punish,

Karnov Hook(4,1)

is very good because

you can get a big Frame Advantage.

But its range is short,

so it won’t reach Body Blow(King) sometimes.

Attack Strings:5

Dragunov has many good Attack Strings.

You can stop at first or second hit,

or you can do it till the last.

I will tell you details in Practice part2.


1.Assault and Razer

Assault and Razer are very

good moves in Dragunov.

You can just do them 50% each,

and they will be very upset.

You need to understand,

what will you do

when they block Assault,

or when they got hit Razer.


I will show you some choices

after these moves,in Practice Part1.

2. Mixup of Combinations and Evasions

Since Dragunov has many Combinations,

the opponents have to think like,

“Is he going to finish the Attack Strings?

Or is he going to stop?”

And you can choose to finish or stop,

and you can choose to do Panic Moves,

when they try to move against.

I will show you details in Practice Part2.

3.Strategy for wall situation

Dra’s wall combo is not bad,

and not good.


But he is good at making “Wall Stun”

See above. When they try to move,

you can make them wall stun with 1,2,1.

*Whole movie is, Dragunov Vol.4


And also you can crouch and do

Qullion(1,2 while rising)

Double Hilt(1,3 while rising)

Frost Tackle(1+2 while rising)


All of these can make them wall stun,

so you can choose from

these depending on the situation.

Qullion is Mid-High,but no Block Punish.

Double Hilt is Mid-Mid, but with Block Punish.

Frost Tackle is Mid, with punish.


Personally thinking,

I would recommend Qullion,

because few players

will crouch at the second High attack.


And Frost Tackle is also OK,

because they can’t react to do punishment.

But for sure, if you area high player,

you need to be aware of the risk of these three.


u/f+3 is also useful for Wall stun.No punish. 

*For whole movie, see Dragunov Vol.3



I think many players use Dragunov.

It means there are many

strategies or originality in him.

I will share my strategy with you,

so please check the Practice Part.