TEKKEN7 FR Eddy tutorial-Theory

TEKKEN7 FR Eddy tutorial-Theory


Doctor’s max rank in TEKKEN7

-Byakko(21 dan)


Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 3


Whiff attack:4

Panic moves:3

Block Punishment:2

Attack Strings:3

Intercept attack: 3

-Elbow Upper(d/f+2)

is one of the useful Eddy’s move

for Interceptor.

However, it can be a launcher only when CH.

-Roundhouse(u/f+4) is also useful,

with long range,

and not so risky when whiffed.


Also 3+4 during side step

is used as Interceptor.

It is a combo launcher,

and a little difficult to get

Whiff Punishment,

because Eddy steps a little back

after it.



Major two choices from Relaxed position,


Ipanema Wings(4~3)

are very useful.

Although they are risky,

they can be combo launchers.


Whiff attack:4


and Martelo(3 while rising),

are very effective.


Panic Moves:3

Personally, Eddy’s Panic Moves

are very useful.

Double Arm Stinger(d/b+1+2)

is a combo launcher,

and Asfixinate(b+1+2) is also useful.

Both of them don’t have punishment.


And Heran Bago(b+3,3)

can be a big damage

with combo when countered.

For some characters, they can not

get a big damage after

blocking it.

You can confirm CH by delaying it.


For Eddy’s weak point,

he doesn’t have Power Crush

which is available during standing.

Therefore, it is very difficult to

get away back against the wall.


Block Punishment:2

In terms of Block Punishment,

Eddy is not good at it.



Cotovelo to Ponteira(1,3 while rising)

can be a punishment for

Heihachi’s and Kazumi’s Muso(d/f+1,2),

or Bryan’s Hatchet(quarter circle back 3).

It can launch a combo with high damage.


Attack Strings:2

Using Handstand and Relax,

you can say Eddy has many

Attack Strings.


Personally, I use b+2,4.

It is Mid-High strings,

so you can stop at the first one.



1.Get damage with whiff attack.

Eddy has a big image of Relaxed Position(RP),

however, it will be difficult just

using RP strategy to win.

Because, it will be just a “Roll of Dice”

whether they crouch or stand for the moment.

Therefore, you need to get damage

with Whiff attack to win the match.


Eddy’s backstep is very quick.

Opponents will missed their moves.


I will talk about this matter in

Practice Part.


2. From Relaxed Position(RP)

I will show you some moves

that I often use to be RP.

Hot Plate Special(3+WS, D)

Front Stinger(3+4+WC,D)

Cartao Vermelho(3+While running)

Bananeira Rolante(d/f+4, WC)


And from the RP,

I often use,

Au Batido(2,4)

Mid Kick(4)




Ipanema Wings(4~3)



*I will talk more deeply

in Practice page.


3. Into Handstand Position(HSP)

If you know a lot about

HSP, your Eddy will be a good Capoeira.


I often use these moves

to turn into HSP,



-Au Batido(2,4 while RP)





And from the HSP,

I often use,

-Flop Right(2)

-Twist Sweep(d+3)

(Command list says u+3 or u+4,

but I do it with d+3)

-Scoot Kick(b+3)





Among these,

Twist Sweep and Scoot Kick

make you RP,

with which you can

make the opponent confused.

*I will show you detail in

Practice page.


4. Throw

Eddy has a good throw,

Rodeo Spin(half circle forward)

Even the command is tricky,

it will be a pressure if you

can do this quickly.

I will show you

when you can do this

in Practice page.


I do this throw many times in my Eddy videos.

You can copy them, because they are useful.


If you want to promote to Vanquisher,

you should use

RP, HSP, and Throws.

And by making the opponents confused or upset,

you can get a big damage

by Whiff strikes.

That is how Eddy can win with the others.