TEKKEN7 FR Feng tutorial-Practice Part1

Feng-Practice Part1

Doctor’s max rank of Feng in TEKKEN7


In this page,

I would like to share

with you some of my tips.

Based on theory.


1.Use nice moves as much as you can

Since I use many characters,

I know there are nice moves in

all characters.

And Feng has some very useful

moves himself.


Therefore, you can win

just with these moves.

Please remember that

Feng has merits of these moves

that I am going to show you.


Let me introduce some very nice moves,

that Feng has in his command list.


1-1. Yan Wang’s Wrath(half circle forward+1+2)

I think this is one of the best

useful moves in TEKKEN commands.

Mid attack, additional hit after countered,

and Frame Advantageous when blocked.

I don’t you can avoid this by step side,

but I rarely had this move avoided.


But make sure you do this move

in close distance.

It is not useful or strong

in far distance.


And if you get this move blocked,

I would do moves like,






Even it is blocked, you can

keep attacking.

1-2. Lift kick(d/f+3)

This move has exited since TEKKEN5.

It is a combo launcher without punishment.

I do this after side step or when Okizeme.


Since it has no punishment,

so for those who try to

do 1 after blocking it,

you can crouch and tap 3

and go to combo.


1-3. Side Swipe(u/f+3)

This is not a combo launcher,

but you can get additional hit

with Headspring(4~3).


It has jump status,

which is effective with d+1.


I use this

when I get positive situation,

like Frame Advantageous.


1-4. Ruinous Halberd(d/f+3+4)

It is a homing attack,

and you can get additional damage with

with Headspring(4~3).


It is rather slow kick,

but it has long range.


Personally, Feng’s homing

is very useful, because of the

additional damage.



1-5.Other useful moves.

Heavy Hammer(d+2)

-additional damage when countered

Land slide(half circle forward+1)

-combo launcher when countered

Spreading Wings(f,f+4)

-combo launcher with normal hit.

You can stop at first or finish to the second.


2.Create your own mix up strategy

As I wrote in theory site,

Feng’s mix up(mid or low)

is very unbelievably good.


I will show you how I do

with this mix up.

2-1. When Back Turn

My personal strategy.

I do a lot of

Pao Lau Impaler(1+3 or 2+4).

It is a special throw

from Back Turn.


Even if they crouch for the throws,

I expect a less risk,

compare to the d+3.

This throw will not get a high risk,

depending on the characters.


Sometime you get only 4 during rising,

when they crouch for this throw.


And one more thing,

they will think like,

“I can break the throw,

so that I don’t have to


That is what I am trying

to make them.


Opponents will not be

careful for the low attack,

because of the “alternative” way

to deal with the mix up.


After that, I will do

low attacks

normal throw

mid attacks

for mix up.


But what is important

is to show them the

special throw the most.

Less risk and more effective

to control their minds.


2-2.While side step

Mix up is like

d/f+3 and 4 while side step.


You should do d/f+3 more often

than 4.

So they can’t crouch easily.


You need to get closer

to hit d/f+3.


When talking about mix up,

I think you can create your

own way of thinking.


But you can count on my

strategy, because I have

played Feng from TEKKEN5,

for more than 15 years

in Arcade in Japan.


3.Understand when to evade

Already talked in theory,

Feng has many useful “Panic Moves”.


And you should understand

when to use which.


3-1. b+3+4

I use this the most.

The reason is that

you can judge or see

if they are coming or not.

See above. If they are not coming,

then nothing happens.


After b+3+4,

2(high attack without punish)

3(mid attack with punish)


You need to choose from 2 or 3

when you see they are coming.


And if they are not coming,

try to stop.

Well, I sometimes do 1,

because it is low attack.

If you show it to the player,

they will be careful and stop coming.


Check my play. I do a lot of b+3+4.


3-2. b+1

This is also useful.

You can get additional damage

with b+1+2 when countered.


For sure there is a risk

of being crouched,

but you can show

u/f+2, and b,f+1

for some times.

So that they can’t

just wait for this b+1 and crouch.


3-3. u/f+2

It is a evading punch with side step.

Although you can not get

high damage, and it has a big risk

of being waited,

but it is a good move to just

escape the situation.


Try not to use this too much,

but still it is a good move.


3-4. b,f+1

This also has risk of being waited,

but when countered, you can get

a big damage with,

b,f+1 – f,f+3 – d+3+4


Because of the big damage,

I often do this.

When blocked you have a

risk of being combo,

but I don’t think all players

know the punish.

You can choose if you do this

a lot or a little.


As mentioned in Theory part,

one of Feng’s weakness is that

his moves are “solo”.

But in other words,

these “solo” moves are

very functional.


It is also easy to use and play

with this character.

Why don’t you start using

Feng as a sub character?