TEKKEN7 FR Feng tutorial-Practice Part2[When do you Iron Palm?]

Feng-Practice Part2[When do you Iron Palm?]

Doctor’s max rank of Feng in TEKKEN7


In Practice Part1,

I wrote how you

win with Feng.


And in this Part2,

I would like to tell you

more deeply.

The topic is

“When do you Iron Palm?”


1.What is Iron Palm?

The command is b+1,

and you can push them

away when CH.


After that, you can get

additional damage with

Iron Fortress(b+1+2).


It is as quick as

left punch(1).


And they say it has

Block Punishment,

but I don’t think

you will get punished often.


But you need to be

careful that they will

crouch for your Iron Palm.


In other words,

they will start crouching

if you do Iron Palm often.


And at that time,

it is your chance to

hit Mid Attacks,

such as

d/f+3 or u/f+3.


Please check the moves

after which ,I think,

it is often effective to do

Iron Palm.


*In my website,

I avoid to write

Frame numbers.

Instead, I will say,



“a little disadvantage”.

I know they sound


but abstract is enough

to win battles.


d/f+1 and Iron Palm

The very basic.

If they block d/f+1,

it is almost even.


Even if more than

16 rank player,

they tend to move.


Even you got hit, 

you can still get your b+1+2.


But also be careful,

that it is too basic,

they may crouch for it.


d+4 and Iron Palm

If they block d+4,

you should not do Iron Palm.


In my career, it works very often.


d/f+2,2 and Iron Palm

I don’t think you use

d/f+2,2 so often.


I use it as Delay Strike.

*If you haven’t read

“Delay Strike”,

please check below.

Delay strike


If you get your

d/f+2,2 blocked,

you are a little disadvantage.


You can see Claudio is doing 1,

but CH. Some kind of error??

1 during rising and Iron Palm

I use this very often.

Almost even when Blocked.

Many players try to move.


If you can do it from Half Step,

it will be much better.

*Half Step=d,d/f

instead of d,d/f,f

See above. This is Half Step.



For the other moves,



are the options.


I do it whenever

I felt they would come.

But not always,

because they might crouch.

It is a kind of Panic Moves,

so basically you do it

in Frame Disadvantageous.


For Mix UP

As it is written above,

you should not keep

doing Iron Palm.

They will crouch for it.


That is why,

you should give them

Middle attacks.


The best option is


No Block Punishment,

and Combo launcher.


The only weakness is that

its range is very short.


So that you need to get closer.

But the moves written above

will make you “close”

to the opponents.

You don’t need to worry

too much for the range.


Or if you think that

d/f+3 is too slow,

b+4 is also available.

I do b+4 very often.


And u/f+2 is also OK.

It is also one of the

Panic Moves,

and it is Middle.


With doing it,

you can stop them

with Iron Palm or

Middle attacks.


And if they stop,

you can do your Mix up.

For example,

do Low attacks

after d/f+1 or d+4.

Or Mix up from Side step.


Things like that.


Please watch my Feng

online video as well.


I do Iron Palm,

and Middle attacks,

and also Mix up

after moves.


This is how you

create your scenario.


I know it depends

on every player

when to use Iron Palm.


But if you are not sure,

please start from my

own strategy.


And don’t forget

to mix up with

Middle moves


Low moves.