TEKKEN7 FR Gigas tutorial-Practice Part1[Useful Pokes]

Gigas tutorial-Practice Part1[Useful Pokes]

Doctor’s max rank of Gigas in TEKKEN7

-21 dan(Byakko)

1. Make the most of “Pokes(small moves)”

Gigas has many

good pokes.


I would like to tell you

how to use them

in matches.

1-1. 1

Gigas 1 is

longer than other



And you can get

frame advantage on block,

just like others.


Therefore, there is

nothing to stop

1 and 1.

(except parry or crouch)


You can create your

own strategy

from doing 1.


1-1-1. 1,1

As I said above,

1,1 is unstoppable.


1-1-2. 1,d/f+1

This is useful for 

those who try to

jump or crouch

after blocking 1.


1-1-3. 1,d/b+1

Low attack after 1.

You make them stop

with 1, and get

damage with d/b+1.


And if the d/b+1 is hit,

you can keep moving,


1,d/b+1 then 1, d/f+1

or etc.


So this is how

you can control your

opponents with 1.


1-2. d/f+4,1+2

This is also useful.

d/f+4 is relatively quick

in Gigas moves.


And you can get

Frame Advantage on block

for 1+2.


However, it is stoppable

with 1 or something

between the first and the

second head bat.


So you can stop

at the first one,

or keep doing it.


For your opponents,

they surely hate

this move.


See above.

d/b+1, d/b+1, d/f+4, d/f+4, 

and d/f+4,1+2.


See above.

d/f+4, and low kick.



u/f+3 is also useful.

When I play with Gigas,

I found many players

try to do d+1.


You can get combo

when counter hit.


I do this jumping knee

after I hit 1 or d/f+1,

because they tend to

do d+1 after those.


1-4. d+3,2

This is also good.

The low kick

is very useful.


And for the second punch,

you have a risk for

Block punishment,

but it is just d+1,

and not many players

know it.


So it might be OK to

keep doing it

if they don’t know

the Block Punishment.


I focus on the

small moves in this article.


However, for sure

you need to know

big moves to win.


I just wanted to show you

that Gigas has many

good Small moves.


I will talk about

other strategies

in next articles.