TEKKEN7 FR Gigas tutorial-Practice Part2[Overkill]

Gigas tutorial-Practice Part2[Overkill]

Doctor’s max rank of Gigas in TEKKEN7

-17 dan(Destroyer)

2. Use Overkill many times

Thanks to this special move

‘Overkill”, I could become



Even though Gigas

has no other speacial

throws, it is still

effective to use Overkill.


As I already wrote in

Theory Part,

this throw has some

good points.

Big damage

Additional damage when hit wall

Difficult to break

It catches body in the air


However, for some players,

I know it is difficult

to do this command.


So it is a good idea

to practice it

soon after you do some moves.


Let me show you

some of my points

when I do this throw.


2-1. 1, Overkill

Tap 1 and do Overkill.

It is very practical,

and very effective.

Please start from here.


2-2. d/b+1, Overkill

Hit your low attack

and then Overkill.


When you hit d/b+1,

sometimes your enemies

will stop.


So it is a good chance to

throw them.


And also after hitting d/b+1,

the distance between you

and your opponents

is perfect for the throw.


2-3. u/f+3, Overkill

Not only when you hit u/f+3,

but also they block it,

it is a good chance to throw.


u/f+3 has no blocking punishment,

so usually they try not to move.



See above. Dra stops after the 

Jumping Knee.


2-4. d/f+4,1+2,Overkill

I do this a lot.

You can just stop at

d/f+4 and Overkill,

or you do the 1+2 and Overkill.


See above. It is very useful,

and easy to do.


2-5. Others

For the other examples,

2 while rising,

or d/f+2

are good timing to do.


Opponents will wait for

the second shot,

and you can throw them.


I always think about Overkill.



Overkill is effective for

jumping status, which means

you can throw them

when they try to do

jumping kick or something.



Please throw them

as much as you can.


That is one of the way

you can win with Gigas.