TEKKEN7 FR Jin tutorial-Theory

Jin tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Jin in TEKKEN7

-18 dan(Savior)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:2

Block Punishment:5

Attack Strings:3


Intercept attack: 4


Front Kick(f+4)

is a good Interceptor.

It is a combo launcher

when CH.


And its range is good,

so that they can’t

get closer when you do this often.


And also

Electric Wind Hook Fist(f,d,d/f+2)

is a combo launcher

even when NH.


It will push

them away when blocked,

so they can’t get

closer even more.


Your opponents will think,

“I need to crouch

the EWHF,

but the Front Kick

is stopping me.”.


I sometimes do

Demon’s Paw(f,f+2)

to make them

not to crouch for EWHF.


If you are not

good at EWGF,

Mid Kick is just fine.




is a Low combo launcher.

And for the mix up,

Left Axe Kick(f,f+3)

is a perfect choice.


It is Middle,

and in addition,

it is Frame Advantage on Block.

The only weakness of the kick,

is that it is rather slow.


This move is

one of the best moves

in TEKKEN, so keep doing it.


Whiff Punish:3

If you can do

EWHF easily,

it will be effective

for Whiff Attack

against standing position.


If you can do it,

EWHF is good as Whiff Attack.


But the command is difficult.

And for the Mid Whiff attack,

Front Kick or

Shun Masatsu(b+2,1)

are OK, but not big damage.

If you can get Whiff attack

during side step,

Front Jump Kick(u/f+4)


Double Lift Kick(d+3+4)

are useful.


Or when you crouch,

Crouching Uppercut(2 while rising)

is also good.


Whiff attack after

stepping back is not

easy for Jin.


Panic Moves:2

I think only

Evading Middle Strike(u/f+2)

is good. But not big damage.


Although Jin has

good parry,

it is very risky.

Totally, Jin’s Panic moves

are not handy.



Block Punishment:5

In standing position,

Jin has many.

Switch Blade(2,4) for 10 frame


Crouching Uppercut,

Double Lift Kick

are very handy.


And also Jin can

get Blocking Punishment

for Paul’s Death Fist,

with Front Kick.



Attack Strings:3

Jin has Attack Strings

with 1 or 1,2 b,f+2,



But none of them

will get good result.


Totally, not good.



1.Front Kick and Left Axe Kick

As mentioned above,

Front Kick(f+4)

is a very useful



It can go to combo

when CH,

but you need practice

for the combo.


As the combo,

f+4(CH) – f,d,d/f+4

– b+2,1 – 1,2,4(S)

– b+2,1

is the first step.

Please practice it,

until you can do it

more than 90% success.



After a few minutes


it will be not so hard.


But I think at least

you need some practice.


And as I written above,

Left Axe Kick

is a very effective move.


Please try to do it,

as many times as you can.



2.Control them with small moves

Jin’s small moves are also good.

Try to do,





and watch your opponents reaction.

1. When it hits,

you can do Mix up

with LLRK(f,d,d/f+4)

or Left Axe Kick(f,f+3).


Or, you can do Front Kick

to get counter-hit.


2. When it is blocked,

step back, or side step,

or crouch

and wait for Whiff Attack.

Or you can do panic moves

like u/f+2.


With this logic,

you can keep winning

against ranks like

Warrior or Vangaurd.


It is important

to follow the rule,

“Attack when hit”.


3.No need for difficult moves

When you watch good Jin players,

they do a lot of step with Zenshin,

Mental Alertness, or Wave Dash.


I am not saying those moves

are useless,

but what I am trying to say

is that you don’t really

need to do those to win.


For Jin’s moves,

he has many moves which are

simple and useful.


Don’t try to add

difficult moves,

just because you can’t win.


Maybe, it is more useful

to watch better players play,

or look back your own play.


Again, Jin has many good moves.


I think many players

use Jin as sub character.

Actually, I realized

how important basic strategy is,

soon after I started to use Jin.


Why don’t you start Jin,

if you can’t keep winning

with your main character.