TEKKEN7 FR Josie tutorial-Theory

Josie tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Josie in TEKKEN7(arcade)

-18 dan(Savior)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:3

Block Punishment:2

Attack Strings:4


Intercept attack: 4

Right Upper Cut(d/f+2)

High Kick(4)

Butterfly Edge(u/f+3)

are suitable for



Right Upper Cut

can sometimes invalidate

high moves.


As for High Kick,

you can get combo

in counter hit.


When counter hit,

Flying Elbow(f+1+2)

will hit after the High Kick.



Josie doesn’t have any Low moves

which can be a combo launcher.

All she has are,

Slide In Low Kick(f,d,d/f+3)


Whip Kick(d/f+4, during crouch)


You can get frame advantage on hit,

and the damages are good.

And when CH, you can get

additional hit with d+3+4.



They are not one-command-moves,

you need to crouch or step

for the moves.


And as for middle moves,

Josie has some good moves,

but not very useful.

Some have block punishment.


Therefore, don’t expect

good damage by mix up,

when you use Josie.


Whiff Punish:3


Right Upper cut is the best

Whiff Attack in Josies’ moves.

But the range is not good.

So you need to hit it after

back step or side step.


Josie is not a diffensive style,

so you need to draw the opponents

reaction to get Whiff Attack.


Technically, this is not Whiff punishment,

but this is how Josie draws the reaction.


Panic Moves:2

Not good.

High kick can get you combo

only in counter hit,

and Right Upper Cut and Jumping kick

sometimes work as panic moves.


Block Punishment:2

Josie has good punishment

from standing position.

Twin Rippers(b+1,1)

became useful

from Season(Round)2.


But she has few good

punisihments from crouching position.


Attack Strings:4

Since Josie’s fighting style is

“Kick boxing”, she has

so many Attack Strings.


In addition, she has

Switch Stance,

Sway back,

and Slide in.


In general, Josie can

go in and out of the

opponents very quickly.


Her “hit&away” strategy is very effective.

When the opponents stay defensive,

you can get damage with

low attacks, until their reactions.


1. How do you hit Right Upper Cut

When I match with good Josie players,

they are very good at hitting

Right Upper Cut.


You need to think logically

how you can hit

Right Upper Cut.


1-1. As Interceptor

When they come close to you,

you can do Right Upper Cut.

But don’t do it so often,

that they will wait for

Whiff Punishment.


1-2. As Whiff Punishment

Let’s say you make them block,

1 during Switch stance.


There will be a small gap

between you and them.


They sometimes move or react

after blocking it.


You wait for it, and do the Whiff Attack.


Whatever they block or get hit,

just wait for the chance.


As for Whiff attack,

I already wrote an article

which will be useful.

Whiff Punishment(5 patterns)


Whether you win or lose

highly depends on how often

you hit  Right Upper Cut.

1-3. As Panic Moves

Josie has some middle moves

with no blocking punishment.


For instance,

Butterfly Edge(u/f+3)

Step In Tracer(f,f+4)



After blocking them,

opponents may come closer

and try to do mix up.


In that case, you can do

Right Upper Cut.


Then the opponents will think,

“I should wait for the Upper Cut.”.


They may wait, or may do quick middle moves.

Either way, you can just do nothing.


Important thing is, you can choose

to do Panic Right Upper,

or do nothing.


Now you are controlling the battle.


Make them block your move,

and draw their reaction.


2. 1 and 2 are enough in Switch Stance.

For example,

after u/f+4, Josie becomes

Switch Stance(SS).


There are some moves in SS,

but for beginners,

1 and 2 are just enough.

I will show you basic moves in SS.


1(high attack)

Combo launcher in CH.

Even it is blocked,

there is a small gap,

so the risk is small.

The only risk is to be crouched.


2(middle attack)

Combo launcher in CH.

No block punishment.

It can be stopped by a left punch(1).


If they try to move,

you can get combo in CH.



3(low attack)

Combo launcher in CH.


4.(middle attack)

No combo launcher,

but the damage is good.

No block punishment,

but they can get

aerial combo with 1.


And remember,

you can change into Slide in

when you tap f during SS.


But for the first step,

1 and 2 are just enough in SS.

If you get used to Josie,

you can learn to use more.


3. Don’t hesitate in Low moves.

As I mentioned above,

Josie has two big low moves,

Slide In Low Kick(f,d,d/f+3)


Whip Kick(d/f+4, during crouch)


Since they can reach very far,

so you can do them from far distance.


Or, you can get closer with

f,f+3 or f,f,f+3.

They are both

frame advantage on block.


And you can also do

Vertical Knee(3 while rising)

as mix up in crouching position.


Vertical Knee has no blocking punishment.

When NH, you can get additional damage

with Slide In Low Kick(f,d,d/f+3).


When CH, you can get combo with


And in wall situation,

Vertical Knee can get wall stun

both in NH and CH,

so it would be a big

mix up in wall situation.


Josie is good at

combo carrying,

so once you get combo,

you will easily reach to the wall.


All you need to do is combo,

and wall carry

and then wall situation.


You can win with this scenario.


Josie doesn’t have

big damage moves.

But she is good at


She has many ways to

make combo.


I personally think

that Josie is a perfect

character to brush up

your TEKKEN skill,

“Whiff Punishment”




How about using Josie

as your sub-character?