TEKKEN7 FR King tutorial-Practice Part4 “8 ways to throw”

King tutorial-Practice Part4 “8 ways to throw”

In this Practice part,

I am showing you practical techniques

for you to win in Online battles.

If you haven’t checked

previous articles,check below first.



And in this article,

I’d like to share the techniques to throw.


Let me first introduce

some points to throw,

which I have acquired

during my career

in 15 years using King.

1. Throw during Attack Strings

2. One punch Throw

3. Throw for Okizeme

4. Throw in Frame Disadvantage

5. Dash Throw

6. Throw after getting up

7. Throw instead of Block Punishment

8. Throw as Interceptor

*Order in priority. “1” is the highest.

1. Throw during Attack Strings

You can throw them when

you stop the Attack Strings.

For opponents, they will think like,

“Is he going to stop the move or what?”.

So you can confuse them.

For the Attack Strings that

can be used in this method would be,

1-1 Double Hook Disaster(d/f+2,1)

1-2 Quick Hook(b+1)

1-3 Elbow Impact(f+2,1)

The second/last move for

these moves are all”High Attack”,

so they will have to judge to crouch.

And it is also possible for you

to buffering technique,

so it is very important

to do the commands,

no matter how you are going to

move after the Attack Strings.

As you can see above,

Lee is crouching,

and standing up soon.

You start inputting

the command during b+1.


1-1 Double Hook Disaster(d/f+2,1)

If you can judge the Counter Hit(CH)

or being blocked,

it is very useful and practical. 


1-2 Quick Hook(b+1)

This move is much easier to judge

the CH compared to 1-1.

Moreover, the second move

can be High or Mid,

which makes them more

“busy” in mind.


1-3 Elbow Impact(f+2,1)

It is useful to get closer with this move.

However, when they block the first move,

it will be more disadvantageous

compared to 1-1 and 1-2.

Therefore, it is very important

to confirm hit or block,

and when blocked,

you should not try to throw them.



Elbow Sting(d/f+1,2)

Round Trip Chop(2,2 while rising)

would be good to use as this strategy.

But try not to move

when they block the first one.

2. One punch Throw

First you stop them with 1(left punch),

and nevertheless it is hit or blocked,

you just throw soon after the punch.


The throw could be,

Giand Swing, Tombstone,

or Tijuana Twister.

This method is based on theory

and it is very practical.


First, you can stop them with 1,

and it is Frame Advantage

even it is hit or blocked.

Therefore, if you keep inputting 1,1,1…

they can do nothing but crouch.

(except parry or sidewalk)

And also it is very difficult

to decide what to do

while they block the left punch,

(because for sure it is very fast)

so usually they stand still.

It is very useful in a wall situation.

And also for the same reason,

throw after sitting punch(d+1)

is also effective.

3. Throw for Okizeme

It is a well known method

to throw others.

It is very effective against

those who can not break throws.

4. Throw in Frame Disadvantage

Usually, you throw them

when you are in Frame Advantage.

For sure, you expect them to stop moving

when they are in Frame Disadvantage.

But for sure, some players

wait for your Panic Moves

to get Whiff Punishment.


In that case,

it would a surprise attack

to throw in Frame Disadvantage.

3-1.when you got hit,

3-2.when you block move that makes you Frame Disadvantage,

3-3.when they block your moves,


Usually, you would stop moving,

or step back or sideway in these situation.

That is why you can throw them as “Surprise”.

See above.

It is risky, but it works sometimes.

Try not to do it often,

because,without a doubt, it is very risky.

5. Dash Throw

If they see you’re dashing or stepping closer,

they would expect Shining Wizard will come.

In that case,

it would be “Mix up”to do

Giant Swing or Tombstone,

after stepping in as f,f.

See above.

For sure Dra was expecting SW.


For the Step(Dash) Throw,please check my tutorial video.


If they start to crouch,

you can do Jaguar Hook(f,f+1).

6. Throw after getting up

This could be a “Surprise Throw”

when you get up and throw the opponents.

You can start the command

while you are on the ground position.

7. Throw instead of Block Punishment

It is sometimes OK to throw them

instead of hitting Block Punishment.

In some cases you can finish them.

I sometimes do GS to the wall,

after blocking some moves

which have Block Punishment.


Especially in deadly situation,

when you block something,

and hit back with Block Punishment.

And then no matter what you are trying to do,

you will lose anyway, because of the Ragearts.


For sure, they may break the throw,

but usually it will be surprise throw,

so that they sometimes can not react correctly.

But try not to do it too much,

because it has a risk of being crouched,

and you will lose your chance.

8. Throw as Interceptor

When they try to get closer,

you can throw them like Interceptor.


it is very risky in TEKKEN7.

Because when a throw becomes counter hit with blow,

and also very difficult to throw someone

who is trying to blow you.


If you are using Kingas main character,

from 1 to 5 should be

taken into account

when you match with others.

There are still more cases

that you can throw.


Try your best!