TEKKEN7 FR King tutorial-Theory

TEKKEN7 FR King tutorial-Tips-Strategy

Doctor’s max rank of King in TEKKEN7

-19 dan(Overload)

In this article,

I will explain how you

win in Online match.

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 3


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:1

Block Punishment:5

Attack Strings:2


Intercept attack: 3

Since King doesn’t have Right Upper,

he has Quick Hook(b+1)

,which is a launcher

when counter hit.

And Body Blow(d/f+2 while crouching)

can be used for Interceptor.


Sometimes Quick Hook 

get CH, when you think

they are coming.


As these risk,

Quick Hook can be crouched,

and Body Blow has Block Punishment.


King has got many throws

and throw combos,

which will get a big damage.

Whiff Punish:3

King has got Body Blow,

however he doesn’t have any

easy command moves

available from standing position.


See above.

You need to step back and crouch.

Be ready for the Whiff Blow.

*For the whole movie, see king Vol.10

Panic Moves:1

Nothing available,

except Jap Uppercut(d+1,2)

Block Punishment:5

Quick Hook Uppercut(b+1,2)

has long reach,

so that it can be used in many punishment.

It reaches against many moves,

but no for other characters.


And also Body Blow has big damage.

Moreover, Toll Kick(b+3)

is reachable to even Lee”s Kick(d,d/b+4).

Attack Strings:2

I don’t think King

has so much good Attack Strings.


Elbow Sting(d/f+1,2)

Quick Hook(b+1,2)

are most common.

Because you can stop at the first one

and make them stop.

I don’t use other Attack Strings

because they are not useful for me.


1.Basic concept of damaging

Since King’s throw is a big damage,

you can get damage by

-Mid attack for those who crouch against throws.

-Whiff Punish for those who try to stop the throws.


But since Panic Moves are  so poor,

that it would be difficult to escape

when the opponents are very offensive.


Meanwhile, Block Punishment is good,

so you can wait and block, then punish them.


Some say they hate Nina,

but if you know her, 

you can get damage by parry,

or get damage with Block Punishment.


2. Try to use special throws

First, try to understand

the main 5 throws.


Giant Swing(GS),


Tijuana Twister,

Muscle Buster,

Shining Wizard(Tomahawk).


And if you are using King as main,

you should remember some of the throw combos.



-King”s most useful throw

Advantages are,

-Big damage(you can get higher damage to the wall.

And also it can be less damage by breaking the impact)

-Longer reach than normal throws

-You can get aerial throw.



-For those who are careful

with the GS,

Tombstone could be one choice.

Advantages are,

-Big damage

-Can get flour break

-You can get a good position for Okizeme.


Tijuana Twister(break-2)

-Another choice for throw Advantages are,

-Big damage

-You can get aerial throw.

-You can get a good position for Okizeme.


Muscle Buster(break-1+2)

Advantages are,

-High damage

-Can get flour break

-More difficult to break

-You can get a good position for Okizeme.


Shining Wizard(break-1+2)

-basically you can do this from running.

*It is called “Instant Shining Wizard” or “IWS”,

when you can do this in a short distance.

Advantages are,

-More difficult to break

-You can get a good position for Okizeme.

-You can get aerial throw.

4. Understand details of strike moves

King has some good moves,

however each has weak points as well.

Front Kick to DDT(f+3, during hit 1+2)

-Mid attack without punishment.

When it goes to DDT,

good position for Okizeme.


Damage is not big.


Atlas” Hammer(d+1+2)

-Big damage”s launcher

Sometimes, it works against the High attacks.

It sometimes takes distance,when blocked,

so for some characters,

they don”t have punishment.


For some characters,you can get hit by a launcher punish.


Brain Chop(b/d+2)

-Mid attack move without punishment.

It can be a launcher even when normal hit.


Slow attack.


Rolling Sobat(f+4)

-A Mid homing move without punishment

It has jump status so it can beat sit punch(d+1).


It is not fast, so sometimes,side step

and blocked.

Also it is not effective for very low position moves.

And it has a risk with jab(1)into aerial combo.


Body Blow(f/d+2 while crouching)

-Long reach, and big damage


It has punishment,

and it is not very effective for side step.

It can be available only from crouching position.


Including throw combos,

you need to memorize many information.

Its potential is not great,

but it is also not bad.


A character for advanced players.

It is fun by the way, lol.