TEKKEN7 FR Miguel tutorial-Theory

Miguel tutorial-Theory

Doctor’s max rank of Jin in TEKKEN7(arcade)

-18 dan(Savior)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:4

Panic Moves:2

Block Punishment:3

Attack Strings:4


Intercept attack: 4

I use 3 basic moves

for Interception.



Basically, stop by the

first kick.

If you think it hit,

do the second one.



Although it is High,

it is useful for Interception.

If it hits, you can get

additional damage with



Rude Charge(f+2+3)

It is a tackle with

long range.

I personally use this

very often to keep

them away.




might be very useful

against those who

can’t see it.

It is Low hit,

and go to a small combo.

In rage, Miguel can go to

high damage combo with

Tortura, 4(while rising) and RD.


And Miguel is good a t

mix up from

couching position.

Trinidad(2,2 while rising)



are the mix up.


Be careful that the second hit

of Trinidad is High,

so don’t do it when

you are not sure the

first one hit.


Miguel’s Savage Stance

has got some useful

Mids and Lows.


He has quite a lot

of moves to get

damage with Mix up.



Whiff Punish:4


is very useful for

Whiff attack, either

from back dash

or side step.


See above. Make sure 

you don’t miss the chance.


But the range is not

enough, so that be careful

not to whiff your move.


Panic Moves:2

Not good.

High kick(4)

Launcher only CH.

The damage is not that high.



Launcher when CH.

The combo damage is OK,

but still it is High attack.



It goes sideway,

and hit back.

Looks useful,

but it is High,

and the additional damage

is not so good.


Block Punishment:2

Not very good.

13F punishment is 



Attack Strings:4

He has some moves for

Attack Strings.

Because Miguel has

Savage Stance,

opponents will have to

stop what comes next.


Personally, left upper cut(d/f+1)

is very useful.


In general,

when you use Miguel,

try to control the opponents

from far distance.


And don’t miss the Whiff punish



Also Miguel has Savage Stance,

which makes the other player

think what to do or how to respond.




1.Understand Savage Stance

You need to understand

which moves can go to SS,

or what can you do in SS.


It is very important to

understand it when you

use Miguel.



2. Back step

Miguel’s Back Step

is a threat.


Not only the speed itself,

but also he can do

Mix up from crouch position.


This one is Mid. I could confirm

the Whiff punish chance.


And this one is Low.

I was not sure I could get Whiff punish.

So, I chose Low.


As I mentioned above,

you need to take distance

and wait for the whiff chance.


Remember to crouch when

you step back.



Rude Charge(f+2+3)

is very useful for

not high rank players.


You can just do it

randomly and get damage.


If the player tries to

avoid it with side walk,

then f,f+3 or f+4

would be useful.


If you watch my video above,

maybe you can figure out

the best timing.

(I couldn’t explain it myself.)




It is not very easy to

win with Miguel

at first.

But all you have to

understand is SS.


You can do whatever

you want,

SS or Mix up, or

Whiff attack, etc.


Enjoy Miguel!