TEKKEN7 FR Paul tutorial-Practice Part1

TEKKEN7 FR Paul tutorial-Practice

Doctor’s max rank of Paul in TEKKEN7

-22 dan(Seiryu)

In this page,

I would like to share

with you some of my tips.

Based on theory.


1. Try to understand how to use each move

Paul moves are basically “solo”,

which means only one shot.

And each move has some features.


I will show you how to and when to

use them in battles.


1-1. Smasher(half circle forward+2)

It is the most powerful shot

in Paul moves.


The damage will get higher in “cleanhit”,

when you hit this smasher in a close distance.

And for sure it will be even higher

when countered.


1-2.Thruster(half circle forward+1)

Although it is high attack,

it is a combo launcher when normal hit.

It is used for Interceptor(Oki) or Whiff attacks,

but it has risk of being crouched.


However, Paul has Smasher,

so that it is not easy for

the other player to keep crouching.


1-3. Rubber Band(half circle back+2)

A Mid attack without punishment.

If the enemy doesn’t try to break

the impact of the down,

you can get additional damage

by f,f+4 or d/b+2.


This move is useful for

those character has punishment

for Paul’s Smasher.


1-4. Hammer(f+1+2)

Even when blocked,

you are still advantageous.

When countered,

you can make them down,

so this move is very useful

when in wall situation.


1-5. Wrecking Ball(u/b+2)

A homing attack without punishment.

When normal hit, you can just

get down, but when countered,

you can get a big combo.

I use this when it is not

wall situation.


1-6. Kawaragoma(half circle back+4)

When blocked, it is even.

When countered, you can get

a combo.

Although it is high attack,

this move is very useful.


Try to use this as long as

they don’t crouch.


1-7. d/f+1,1,2

After d/f+1, you can move to

sway with b.

And during the sway,

you can do 2 or 4, for example.


If they try to stop you

by 1 or 2,

you can tap d/f+1,1,2

so that you can make them stop.


But be careful, the second punch

is high attack.


You can even do

d/f+1, b and d/f+1,b….

It is very effective,

so please try to use them

as much as possible.



I sometimes do this move

from a long distance.

If you luckily get hit,

you can go to combo.


And even when they block,

I will keep attacking,

like mid or low.


You have to check

whether they keep blocking

or they try to attack you.



Among small moves, this is very useful.

The damage is not big,

but its range is long,

it is also useful for side step

or special position(like Eddy’s relaxed position).



When you get counter hit,

second shot also hits.


I don’t recommend you to do

d+1,4,2, because it is highly risky.


By the way, after the d+1,

you can be crouching position

with holding d.


1-10.Demolition Man(d+4,2,1+2)


You need to be closer to the opponents,

or otherwise you can’t get a normal damage.

And for some characters,

you will get punishment after

they block the 1+2(the third attack).


So I highly recommend you to

do this move after half circle forward.


It is like

half circle forward, d+4,2,1+2.

See above. Like this.



1-11.Shoulder Smash(d+1+2)

Very useful punishment attack.

You need to check with the

web site which shows frame lists.



1-12.Pump in Pedal(3, during side step)

I use this kick

not only usual situation,

but also wall situation.


When it is countered,

Shoulder Smash hit also.

And you can make them

wall stun.


When they see your side step,

they will be careful and try to crouch.

Then your Smasher can make more damage.


1-13. Hassou Strike(b+1+2)

High Power Crush attack.

It is very useful in wall situation.

When it is blocked, the situation is even.

However, from my experiences,

they won’t try to attack back to you.


See above. Because of the Smasher,

they won’t crouch often.


2. Wait for a moment then…

It is not only for Paul, but I sometimes

wait for a moment and then attack

with many characters.


I am sure some people try to

move or crouch when there is a moment

before you attack.

(for sure not “ALL” people)


Therefore, it is a good idea

for just a moment you wait,

and strike them.


For example, for Paul,

Smasher or u/b+2, and Right Upper cut

are the best moves for this technique.


I call this technique,

“Delay Strike”.

Please read the article first.

TEKKEN basic tutorial:Delay strike


Please watch my stuff.

I sometimes wait for a moment

and do Smasher.


And if they won’t move, you can just

throw them or do the Low attacks.

Because Paul has good special throws,

you can mix up with the throws.




If you want to win with Paul,

you need to understand

every move deeply,

such as when and how to use them.


I personally like Paul, because

even when I am deadly,

I still have chance to win.


Because Paul’s Smasher

can change everything in matches.