TEKKEN7 FR Paul tutorial-Practice Part2[How to hit Smasher/Death Fist]

Paul tutorial-Practice Part2[How to hit Smasher/Death Fist]

Doctor’s max rank of Paul in TEKKEN7

-22 dan(Seiryu)


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my previous articles

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In this article,

I focus on how to hit

Smasher effectively.

*You may call it

Death Fist, but I would

say “Smasher” in my website.

1.Practice to do quick Smasher

For sure, it will be good

to do Smasher very quickly.


I remember, once in TEKKEN5,

there is a famous player

in the Arcade.


I was watching his Paul play,

and found his Smasher was

so quick that it looks like a

right upper cut or something to me.

“Wow, very fast!”

I said in my mind watching his

play behind him,

when I was 20 years old.


So first of all, check your speed

and quickness of your Smasher.

If you can hit Smasher after b,f+1,

it is quick enough.

2. Make sure you can do Smasher any time

It is also important

for you to do Smasher

any time, and anywhere.


For example,

2-1.during step dash

2-2.during side step

2-3.during back step


And I will show you

when to use these

in online matches.


2-1.during step dash

If you can do Smasher

during step forward,

it will be useful.

You will do it in combos,

as screw combo.


Besides combos,

sometimes you do it as Whiff Punish,

when you see they

miss some moves.


2-2.during side step

Personally, I do Smasher

during side step a lot.


As the result,

you can delay the

timing of your attack.


2-2-1, whey they try to attack,

2-2-2, whey they try to sidestep,

Smasher during sidestep might hit.


In, 2-2-1 situation,

you may dodge their moves

and “Smash”!

And in 2-2-2 situation,

their sidestep and your sidestep

will occur in the same time,

and you will face them

face to face.

And your Smasher

won’t miss.


They don’t want you

to change the timing of moves.


2-3.during back step

It sometimes works,

that you step back

and do Smasher without thinking.

After Craudio’s Low kick,

I expected his 4 during rising.

And I didn’t confirm his

moves at all.

It worked after all.

3.Make scenario to hit Smasher

For sure you won’t hit,

Smasher if you just

do it randomly.


Try to make scenario

to hit Smasher.

3-1.How do you make them crouch

It is obvious to do Low attacks,

to make them crouch.


For example,

Demolition Man(d+4,2,1+2)


Pump in Pedal(3, during side step)

are the good Low moves,

to make them crouch.


But they are not enough.

You need to do High Attacks

to make the crouch more.


Try to think,

“Make them crouch for the High”


“I will keep doing the High until they crouch”


Hassou Strike(b+1+2)

Kawaragoma(half circle back+4)

Thruster(half circle forward+1)

are the good High attack moves.


I know you might think,

“There is risk to do High attack.”

but try to think,

“Until the crouch”.


I sometimes do,

High and Low only,

for the first and second round.

And from the last round,

I mix up with Mid and Low.

And I win the match.


It is a “scenario” of hitting Smasher.


3-2.How do you make them reactive

It will be a great damage

with Smasher counter hit

when they are moving.


And you can get Clean Hit

if you hit it in close range.


It is important to

make them think

“Something is coming!”


So if you do Low attacks

like Demolition Man often,

they will be moving

when you get closer.


4.Delay Strike

Delay Strike is a technique,

“Wait for a moment, then Strike!”

It will give them to think,

“Something will be coming!”


I already wrote an article

on this technique.

Please read the article first.

TEKKEN basic tutorial:Delay strike


Personally, I think

this technique will get you

a good shot.

I also don’t feel ok, when

they wait for a moment

with me.


See above. Make a moment

without anything. 

That makes them fear.


5.Fear them

I know it is an abstract idea,

but if you make them fear,

you can control them easily.


I won’t feel fear with Paul players,

who do Smasher too much.

Because it is predictable.

To make them fear,

you need to

get Whiff Punishment whenever you have chance,

do small moves also,

do Low Attacks and reduce their vital,


Please check my video above.

Few players revenged against me.

I don’t know if they have other reasons,

but for sure some players felt “Fear”.


It is very fun to hit Smasher.


But you need to create

a scenario to hit it.


Please copy what I wrote above,

if you think it is worth trying.