TEKKEN7 FR Master Raven tutorial-Practice Part1[Back Turn]

Master Raven Practice Part1[Back Turn]

My max rank of M.Raven in TEKKEN7(arcade)

-22 dan(Seiryu)


In Practice Part, I will show you

practical aspect to win the match.

And in this page, I will focus on

Back Turn(BT) strategy.


I know some players feel unsafe with BT.

Because for sure you can’t block anything

during BT.


But for me, it is very simple.

“When you can’t block anything,

then you don’t wait but to move.”


You can make your opponents unsafe

with your BT strategy.


Let me share you some of my idea.


1.Moves to BT

For starter, only 3 moves

you should remember.



Assassin’s Sting(d/b+2)


Brocken Connect(4,1)


Unicorn’s Tail(b+2,2)

1-1.Assassin’s Sting(d/b+2)

d/b+2,1 is a mid-high strings.

Usually, stop at the first move.

What is important is that

you need to confirm if the move has hit or not.


Don’t keep moving when the first move is blocked.

If you want to stop, you can input

d, d/b to step back and become normal position.

See above.

If it’s blocked, just move away.


1-2.Brocken Connect(4,1)

It is also used as Blocking Punishment.

When it is CH, you can go combo.


Don’t forget that this move is high-high hit,

and some players try to crouch at the second attack.

1-3.Unicorn’s Tail(b+2,2)

This move has 2 different third attack.

b+2,2,3 finishes with Mid hit kick,


b+2,2,1+2 finishes with Low hit punch.


I recommend you to stop at the second attack,

and keep pressuring on the opponents.


2.Moves from BT

Only 3 basic moves you need to know.

And in addition, 2 moves for low attacks.

2-1.low kick

d+4 during BT.

I know this is also a low attack,

but I don’t do this move for the damage.


If you do this low kick often,

they will expect it coming again,

and they may try to parry or jump.


So I would say, this low kick

is a kind of trap.


Watch carefully what they are trying to do

against this low kick.

See above.

You can keep offensive after the low kick.



1+2 during BT.

This is a Power Crush move(since Season2).

Even though it has Blocking Punishment,

you can get additional damage with b+3.


This move is very effective for those who

try to parry to crouch against the low kick written above.

See above. It can win against sit punch.


I personally use this move very often.


2-3.Abyss Cannon

b+2 during BT.

It is a mid hit during BT.

And there are 2 additional moves.

b+2,3 (mid-mid)



But I don’t think you need to do it,

so I always stop at the first move.


After the first move,

M.Raven is still in the BT.

So you can keep moving.


As for the 2 low attacks,

Shinobi Cyclone(d+3)


Kama Kick Combo(f+4,3)

are both good at damage.


Although they are both risky,

if you keep doing b+2 or 1+2,

they won’t crouch so often.


And for other choices,


combo launcher



fast move to stop them moving


normal throws

for surprise attack


could be useful

depending on the situation.



As for BT, there are more information.

But I don’t think you need to understand

all of them.


Just make sure you use the basic moves

shown above and please create your own strategy.