TEKKEN7 FR Master Raven tutorial-Theory

Master Raven tutorial-Theory

My max rank of M.Raven in TEKKEN7(arcade)

-22 dan(Seiryu)

Character aspects(min:1, max:5)

Intercept attack: 4


Whiff Punish:3

Panic Moves:3

Block Punishment:2

Attack Strings:2


Intercept attack: 4

Intercept attack: 4

Black Hole(hfc+4) is very useful.

Even you miss it,

M.Raven steps back a little,

so the opponents can’t go Whiff attack.


See above.

She steps back after the move,

so they can’t hit their Whiff attack.

And the combo damage is high,

you can carry them to the wall.


But the blocking risk is high.

Some characters have a big

blocking punishment for this move.


But if they don’t have any good one,

you should do this move often.


You might think that

M.Raven is very good at mixup,

but I personally don’t think so.



Shinobi Cyclone(d+2 during back turn)

Quicksand Catastrophe(d/f+3+4, 4 during crouch)

are the big damage low attacks,

but they are very risky when blocked.


So I don’t use them often to get damage,

but I use small low attacks,

like d+3 or d/b+4.

Whiff Punish:3

Sudden Strike(f,f+3)


Black Hole(hcf+4)

are good Whiff Punish.


But it is very difficult to

hit them after you see the chance.


Although they have a good reach,

the command and the speed are not

proper for the Whiff punish.


And M.Raven has Right Upper Cut,

after the move she becomes Back turn.

So the risk is high.


However, since M.Raven is good at low attacks,

a lot of players tend to do panic moves or reaction.

So you can have many chances for Whiff punishment.


In this case, “the Whiff Punish for panic moves”

is her style

rather than “Whiff punish for Interceptors.”

Panic Moves:3

War Hound(b,b+2) is very handy.

When you do it near the opponents,

it is hard for them to do Whiff punish.

Block Punishment:2

No good.

Rising Uppercut(1 during rising)

is a very good Block punish

from crouching,

but she is not good at Punishment

during standing.

Attack Strings:2

In fact, M. Raven has some good

Attack Strings.


But they are not useful for getting damage.

So you don’t have to use them in match.

If you are using M.Raven as main,

maybe it is OK to use,

but for sub players, don’t need to.



In general, M.Raven is good at

strategy in Back Turn and Steps.


The opponents will do Panic Moves,

or they try to do some reactions.

Don’t miss the chances for Whiff Punish.


And M.Raven has many good moves,

against their SS or back step.

She is very handy with controlling

the opponents’ moves.


Her combo is also very good.

Big damage, long carry, good wall combo.



1.Make the most of Back Turn(BT)

I think M.Raven has the most moves

in Back Turn.


You need to understand

how to win with “BT strategy”.

I will tell you the details in

Practice Part.

2.Moves during crouching

M.Raven also has good moves during Crouching.

Rising Uppercut(1)

Combo launcher.

It is also effective against SS or down position.

Although it has block punishment,

you can use it as Whiff Punish or Block Punish.

Jackknife Elbow(2)

Combo launcher when CH.

Since this move has no Block Punishment,

players tend to 1,2 after blocking it.

So you can crouch them and do 1.


See above.

This often happens when they don’t know

about the non-blocking punishment.


Quicksand Catastrophe(d/f+3+4,4)

Low attack.

Good damage, but high risk.

But it is well used for Mix up,

and it can be done during the step.

3.Great combo

As I mentioned above,

M.Raven’s combo is very good.

Long carry,

Big damage,


Good wall combo.

It has been true since

she appeared in TEKKEN 5 for the first time.

(In fact, it was “he” instead of “she”,to be precise.)


For the wall combo,

3+4 during BT





has big damage.

To make sure you hit the 3+4 during BT,

you need to practice a little.

See below. 4,1 is a good way

to carry and become BT.


Some people think M.Raven is

difficult to use because

you need to understand BT.

During BT, you can’t block anything,

but simply talking, you should do something.


I will come back to you with

the idea of BT in the Practice Part.


Please enjoy playing M.Raven!